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Ariana Grande Opened Up About Her Sexuality And The Internet Is Basically In Meltdown

"Sexuality is fluid and no one has to 'come out' as anything if they don’t want to."

In case you missed it, Ariana Grande released new song "Monopoly" on Monday, a collaboration with her best friend Victoria Monét.

According to Ariana, it's all about "friendship, freedom, protecting your energy and staying right in your bag".

However, one lyric in particular — "I like women and men" — has caught the attention of pretty much everybody, with people assuming that Ariana is opening up about her sexuality.

Obviously, people immediately started to freak out.


Things only stepped up a gear when Victoria, who previously came out as liking men and women last year, responded to an Instagram comment.

And everything went into meltdown when Ariana waded into the conversation herself, saying she doesn't feel the need to label her sexuality.

@likeitsyours i haven’t before and still don’t feel the need to now 🖤🧚🏼‍♂️ which is okay

Eagle-eyed fans also noticed that Ariana liked these tweets about sexuality being fluid.

hope y’all know sexuality is fluid and no one has to “come out” as anything if they don’t want to. happy monday ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓ ♡

but fr psa ariana can do whatever tf she wants and as long as she’s happy that’s all that matters. sexuality is fluid in this house

Of course, the whole thing sparked a massive conversation on Twitter. In fact, it seemed to be all anybody could talk about.

Labels and coming out shouldn’t even be a thing but anyways I’m so proud of Ariana and I’m glad she feels comfortable tweeting us about her sexuality now even though she’s never needed to

so ariana is bi.....this just confirm my theory that no one is 100% straight

Fans immediately recalled the drama surrounding Ariana headlining Manchester Pride this year, which some people weren't happy with because they assumed she was straight.

locals be looking like boo hoo the fool now that ariana’s come out as bi... im so excited for her to headline pride

fake woke twitter when they finally realise ariana grande is bi after making 1200 think pieces about why she shouldn't headline manchester pride

Others weren't so sure that the lyric was a confession and instead thought it might be Ariana's way of supporting Victoria, who came out as bisexual in November and co-wrote the song.

@dialednine I don’t think it’s either! From what I’ve seen Victoria Monét is openly bisexual! I think ari put that lyric in to support Victoria but also I could be wrong on that so don’t take my word on it!

@heylookitsjuna @Megan_Steffen Victoria monet came out as bi last year so i think that's more her line when they wrote it 🤷🏼‍♀️

However, this led to people accusing Ariana of queerbaiting, something that she's been accused of in the past.

Can Ariana Grande stop queerbaiting and treating bisexuality like it’s some cute fuckin joke for straight women to play with??? Thank u, next 🙄

Ariana will never publicly come out and say she’s bisexual because that would require her actually being attracted to women(not just kissing for fun like every straight girl) she’ll say sexuality is fluid while still only dating men so she doesn’t get accused of queerbaiting

Fans immediately came to her defence though, claiming that Ariana couldn't win.

now the locals are mad at ariana for maybe being bi...WHEN will the hatred stop?

if ariana is bi she doesn't have to say or confirm anything yet. let her breathe and wait til she's ready ty

The whole drama also brought up a conversation about labels, considering Ariana didn't explicitly say she was bisexual.

also, calling ariana bi when she isn’t calling herself anything is ugly. she could consider herself pan. she might not want a label. maybe ask her ab how she views her sexuality instead of just assigning one to her.

dont forget that ariana might be bi but she could also still be figuring herself out/exploring and she might not label herself yet . she could be trying it out feel comfortable expressing it thru music