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    People Are Sharing Comments They Often Hear About Their Names And It's The Funniest Thing

    Have you ever been compared to a household appliance?

    Names. We all have 'em.

    SONY BMG / Via

    And since we all have names, we all hear tired references, mispronunciations, and lame jokes waaay too often when we introduce ourselves.

    For example, my name is Shelby, and nearly every man I've ever met has asked me if I'm named after the Shelby GT Mustang when I tell them my name for the first time.*

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    *It's really fun because I don't give a shit about cars.

    Recently, users on Twitter began sharing the most common things they hear whenever they introduce themselves, and it's nothing short of hilarious and cathartic.

    1. Like when you're tired of hearing the same reference for the 4,959,385th time.

    @akilahgreen / Via Twitter: @akilahgreen

    2. Or being compared to a household appliance.

    @alexaphilippou / Via Twitter: @alexaphilippou

    3. When you wish certain songs had just never been written.

    @StacyFernandezB / Via Twitter: @StacyFernandezB

    4. Or heck, even entire origin stories for that matter.

    @Thymbraeus / Via Twitter: @Thymbraeus

    5. Bonus points if your name happens to also be a month.

    @ReignOfApril / Via Twitter: @ReignOfApril

    6. Or a season.

    @dodieunfolding / Via Twitter: @dodieunfolding

    7. Sometimes, people might just use your name as a segue to talk about their pet.

    @curlycomedy / Via Twitter: @curlycomedy

    8. Maybe people mishearing your name is a totally common thing.

    @Friskkmkay / Via Twitter: @Friskkmkay

    9. And you've basically given up trying to correct them at this point.

    @MaximumTheRyan / Via Twitter: @MaximumTheRyan

    10. But then they take it to another level and compliment the other name, not your actual name.

    @riotSoph / Via Twitter: @riotSoph

    11. Or they just want to call you something else because, sure.

    @soledadobrien / Via Twitter: @soledadobrien

    12. Nicknames are fun, right?

    @CIAspygirl / Via Twitter: @CIAspygirl

    13. Except when they'd rather call you your given name, and it opens up a whole new can of worms.

    @thumbelulu / Via Twitter: @thumbelulu

    14. Sometimes your whole existence is belittled to a single food item.

    @SlapTTV / Via Twitter: @SlapTTV

    15. Or a video game franchise.

    @yoshi_sundarso / Via Twitter: @yoshi_sudarso

    16. And sometimes you're forever reminded that your name is "old," whatever that means.

    @underscorehelen / Via Twitter: @undrscorehelen

    17. But hey, other times, the mistakes work out in your favor.

    @MonicaLewinsky / Via Twitter: @MonicaLewinsky

    For those out there with names: We see you, and we feel your pain.