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April 21, 2019

Are You More Like Eve Or Villanelle From "Killing Eve"?

Which of these strong women are you?

Here's The Biggest Movie From The Year You Were Born

It's the film that defined the year you were born!

What Kind Of Makeup Are You?

Girls just wanna have fun!

15 Screenshots Of People Who Need To Be Blocked And Reported ASAP

"I overheard you giving your number to the employee and I remembered it."

30 Cute Versions Of Boring Kitchen Products To Make Cooking Fun Again

These products are both cute *and* useful — winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Can You Get 5/7 On This Week's Pop Culture Quiz?

Birthdays, boy bands, and more!

Grocery Store Employees Are Sharing Their Darkest Secrets And It's Honestly Kinda Shocking

"It's crazy how often giant spiders come out of the banana boxes."

24 Terribly Wrong Misconceptions About Americans That Will Make You Laugh

Someone tell me where I can get one of these "spooky baskets" Americans have.

Florida Police Officers Who Slammed A 15 Year-Old Black Boy's Head To The Ground In Viral Arrest Video Said He Was Acting "Aggressive"

The high school student was attempting to retrieve a cellphone that had fallen out of the pocket of another teen who was being arrested.

4 Receitas pra quem não tira o olho do menu kids nos restaurantes

Porque você é um adulto mas também gosta de comer como criança!

10 Times Harry Styles Dressed Better Than Literally Anyone Ever

A trip down memory lane from Harry's 2018 tour.

Social Media Has Been Blocked For Over 24 Hours In Sri Lanka After The Deadly Explosions

Social media will remain blocked while security forces investigate the bombings.

What Young Adult Book Led To Your Sexual Awakening?

And my mom thought those books were PG.

19 Tweets About Easter That Made Me Laugh And Spit Out My Water

"Jesus ain’t dance, he ain’t pull up his pants, he just moved the rock away. He came back, came back, came back, came back."

27 "Moana" Jokes For Anyone Who Needs It Back On Netflix ASAP

"If the mans u like doesn't know ONE Moana song...he's not the one."

What's The Best Advice You've Received From A Couples' Therapist?

And how did it change your approach to relationships?

18 Young Adult Books About Serious Issues That Really Stuck With You

For everyone who grew up in the young adult section of Barnes & Noble.

35 Beyond-Amazing Cleaning Products That Prove Miracles Happen Every Day

I can't make these results up — you gotta see these before-and-afters for yourself.

We Re-Created A "Game Of Thrones" Scene After Learning Dothraki In A Week

"A chair for a king to sit upon...or a queen."

36 Must-Have Beauty Products That Have A TON Of Positive Reviews

Because let's be honest, reviews are EVERYTHING!

What Cruelty-Free Beauty Products Do You Swear By?

Going cruelty-free doesn't mean you don't have options.

This Snack Quiz Will Separate The Millennials From The Gen Z'ers

Each generation's preferences are different!

19 Common '90s Things That We Would NEVER Put Up With Today

Gen Z could never endure what we had to go through!

This Objective "Game Of Thrones" Personality Quiz Will Sort You Into Your True House

I don't know why anyone would want to play the throne game if so many people die...

Here's How Wedding Photographers Know If The Couple Will End Up Divorced

"I can tell how in love a couple is by whether they're paying attention to each other during the shoot or me."

Nearly 300 People Are Dead After Multiple Explosions In Sri Lanka On Easter Sunday

Six of the blasts simultaneously targeted churches and five-star hotels.

Why Are We So Moved By The Notre Dame Fire?

Though there were fortunately no deaths, the fire was a startling, almost existential kind of loss.

How British Are Your Taste Buds?

Do you enjoy eating these typically British dishes?

These Rare Color Pictures Show How People Dressed For Easter In The ’50s

“Being able to witness the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s in color blows me away every time ... It’s just a magical feeling.”

25 Products That'll Totally Change How You Put On Your Makeup

Just a bunch of awesome tools and products you need to step up your makeup routine, no biggie.







35 Travel Products You Can Get On Amazon That You Need For Your Next Trip

This includes an inexpensive rolling duffel bag perfect for your next weekend getaway – you'll be able to comfortably pack 19 dresses, 18 pairs of shoes, and every lipstick you have ever owned inside.

犬のために100万円を超える借金を抱えた でも後悔していない





ローソンの期間限定商品「からあげクン コーンポタージュ味」がSNSで話題になっています。実はこれ、20年前に発売されたフレーバーの復刻版なんです!そんな昔からからあげクンってあったんだ…。





教会とホテルでほぼ同時に爆発し、日本人もけが 教会内部の衝撃的な映像



「ドラゴンポテト てりやき★バーガー味」を食べてみました。味と見た目の両方で楽しむことができる新しいスナックでした!

Which Disney Villain Is Actually Your Dad?

Because the princes are way too boring.



セブンで見つけた「チョコあ〜んぱん ラスク」、間違いないおいしさでした

セブンのお菓子コーナーで見つけた「チョコあ〜んぱん ラスク」。こちら、みんな大好き「チョコあ〜んぱん」を二度焼きしてラスクにしたものなんです!ざっくざくラスクにやわらかチョコがこれまたおいしい〜〜!!あんぱんおじさん、あんたさすがだよ…!




キャンドゥでバカ売れしている“ヘアブラシ”はご存知ですか?これ、一時期めっちゃ流行ったブラシ「タングルティーザー 」に激似だとSNSで話題になっているんです!本当に似ているのか、比較してみました!


「マルちゃん正麺 カップ 焼きそば」を食べてみました。カップ焼きそば史上最高に美味でした!間違いなくリピ決定です!

沈黙を強いる力に抗って 世田谷一家殺人事件の遺族を苦しめてきたもうひとつの傷



こんな親子丼はじめて!? ふわふわ卵で包みました。

頑固な汚れや消えないシミに すぐに使える簡単掃除テクをご紹介






「外国人はマナー悪い」は本当? 疑問を投げかけるマンガが話題に


Pick The Cartoons You Watched As A Kid And We'll Reveal Which TV Quote You Should Live By

"I don't need a boy to pay attention to me. I'll pay attention to myself." — Tina Belcher

I Bet You Don't Know The Names Of 99% Of Marvel Characters

This should be easy because there are so many to choose from!



Look At These Inkblots, Tell Me What You See, And I'll Reveal How You Think

Just sit back, relax, and tell me what you see...

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