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    This Woman Admitted To Hiring Someone To “Trap” Her Boyfriend And The Plot Twist Went Viral

    “This video pretty much sums up mercury in retrograde.”

    So by now, you may have seen these two people who appeared on Snapchat’s popular relationship show Second Chance. The show is designed to reconnect past lovers looking to give their love...a second chance.

    And, if you haven’t seen the episode that came out last week, here’s a quick rundown of what happened. Grab some popcorn.

    Alysha Bush, 23, and Kourbine Lee, 23, dated from January 2017 until June 2018 after meeting at a mall in Arizona. Because Kourbine was based in California and Alysha was a student athlete in Arizona, theirs was a long-distance relationship.

    For the most part, the couple made it work. Alysha told BuzzFeed News: “We got along really well in the beginning, we just clicked, we became like best friends.”

    But over time, the relationship became more challenging with the distance and lack of communication creating a divide.

    Feeling unsure about their relationship, and prompted by what she called “red flags”, Alysha recruited Paula Contento, who was a member of the same gym her boyfriend went to, to approach him and see if he would cheat. Alysha paid Paula $50 (£38.16) for her services.

    The cheating allegation — amongst other things — resulted in an abrupt end to the relationship, initiated by Alysha. But after five months apart, the couple reunited for the Snapchat show.

    During their sit-down, Alysha put the allegations to Kourbine, who maintained his innocence, and insisted that his relationship with Paula was strictly work related. (Basically, Kourbine said he trained Paula in exchange for exposure on her social media platforms.) Unconvinced, Alysha looped in Paula for back-up and to corroborate the story.

    Here’s the thing, IT NEVER HAPPENED. Paula admitted to fabricating the entire thing.

    Speaking during the episode, Paula told the estranged couple that she had decided to lie because she didn’t think Alysha “deserved” Kourbine. She said: “Clearly she doesn’t value the faithful amazing man that you are. I thought, you know, maybe I have a chance.”

    Despite the drama, the pair decided to reconcile and get back together.

    Naturally, the episode has generated a lot of responses because there are so many layers. Let’s unpack them, shall we?

    Bro the face he made after she said she was lying LMFAOOOO WOMEN AINT SHIT

    This video pretty much sums up mercury in retrograde

    No. Fucking. Way. 😂😂😂😂

    Some viewers were concerned about the lengths Alysha went to in an attempt to catch Kourbine out.

    some of these women need to stop playing games

    So if the girl that was paid didn't confess and stuck to her "he came on to me" narrative, thats how this one would've picked a total stranger's word over her man's. Smh, women just like to start something out of nothing

    Reflecting on her unconventional approach, Alysha told BuzzFeed News: “Honestly I should have just talked to him about it instead of getting Paula involved, but at the time I was in such a savage mode I didn’t even care what would happen afterwards. I just wanted to catch him.”

    Others couldn’t get why Kourbine was willing to get back with Alysha after she admitted to paying someone to proposition him.

    @HarrisSane I'm actually breaking up there and then

    @HarrisSane Pay a girl to come onto me?? Lmao. Naaaaah. We’re over as soon as you close that laptop. Thank you. Next!!

    Speaking as a vindicated man, Kourbine admitted that neither of the couple handled the situation well. “Watching it back, I’m definitely feeling a lot more stupid listening to the things we both said and wanting to try again with her after those fat ass red flags.”

    And people really can’t get over Paula’s admission that she was ready to take the money and the man.

    So she was goin to keep the the 50$ and steal her man...finessing on another level..😂😂😂😂

    @HarrisSane Wayment wheeeet...?! Suh got $50, plotted to get w ya man, and broke y’all up!🤦🏿‍♂️😌😂

    Paula thinks she has been misrepresented.

    Paula said: “I don’t think I was fairly portrayed in this situation because that’s not who I am. I am neither a liar, nor a homewrecker. I am the opposite of that. I am also all about women empowerment and if the same situation were to happen again, I think I would just tell the girl to keep her money, and encourage her to talk to her man instead.

    “I definitely do regret lying to her. Especially when she clearly had some major insecurities of her own.”

    But some people just think the whole thing is too wild to be real.

    @Bucketz_3 @HarrisSane No way this is not staged bro 😂😂😂 I’m flabbergasted

    To which Kourbine said: “Those are the same people that probably think Lebron [James] is better than [Michael] Jordan. The show is very real and I appreciate A&E for giving us an alternative way of getting it out cause it probably wouldn’t have otherwise.”

    The couple, who briefly reconciled after the show, have since gone their separate ways. Alysha described their second attempt at a relationship “tainted”.