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April 14, 2019

17 Coworkers We All Wish We Had In Our Lives

These folks make work just a little less stressful.

Which Neopet Are You Most Like?

Are you more Aisha or Shoyru?

31 Of The Best Cleaning Products You Can Get On Amazon

The before and after photos in this post will 👏blow 👏your 👏mind.

13 Hacks From Taco Bell Customers That'll Blow Your Mind

It's time to live life on the edge.

How Popular Are Your "Devil Wears Prada" Opinions?

"Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking." —Miranda Priestly

Pete Buttigieg Is Officially Running To Be America’s Mayor

“Washington politicians and pundits talk about mayors like we’re a different species. And you know what? Maybe they’re right.”

33 Ways To Banish Bad Odors From Your Life Forever

Ain't nobody got time for funky smells.

A "Big Little Lies" Second Season Teaser Trailer And Premiere Date Have Been Released

The next season of HBO's Big Little Lies officially premieres on June 9.

This Quiz Will Reveal Which Taylor Swift Album You Are

Take this quiz while we patiently wait for TS7.

What's The Worst Thing Tourists Do When They Visit Los Angeles?

Don't be THAT Hollywood Walk of Fame photo-taker.

Tiger Woods Wins

Why is this on your timeline? Listen here: "Tiger Woods is Britney Spears for Dads."

15 Thoughts You Have When You’re At A Restaurant With Free Chips And Salsa

My steak burrito will have to wait ‘til later.

17 Practical Cooking Tricks I Learned While Working In Restaurants

AKA why restaurant food tastes so damn good.

Police Are Investigating After A Transgender Woman In Texas Was Brutally Beaten In Full Daylight

Muhlaysia Booker’s attack is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

17 Things Starbucks Baristas Would Reaaaaaally Like You To Stop Doing

They know you're trying to be slick when you ask for water at the handoff counter.

35 Really Useful Products To Help You Get Through The Week

A shoe deodorizer, sandwich maker, allergy relief products, and more things to help you get through loooooooong weeks.

These Cartoons Of "Woke" Dogs Make The World A Better Place, End Of Story

"Oh, terribly sorry, sir, but I no longer roll over for men who do the bare minimum." —A woke dog, when told to roll over

16 Times Gay Twitter Was Wild And Hilarious This Week

"It's iced coffee weather for everyone, not just us. Be careful out there. Stay vigilant, stay safe."

A Florida Man Was Attacked And Killed By A Bird Often Referred To As A "Living Dinosaur"

The man raised the birds — considered one of the most dangerous in the world — and was injured after falling in a path near their enclosure, one official said.

40 Things To Help You Solve Every Confusing Problem You've Ever Encountered

Solutions to all the little things that have you screaming, WHY?!?!?!

These Pictures Show Just How Much Coachella Has Changed

A lot has changed since the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival got its start in 1999.

Chrissy Teigen Has A Clever Trick For Making The Crispiest Potatoes Ever

Because crispy roasted potatoes are so much better than pale, soggy ones.

Here Are The Best, Thirstiest, And Most Accurate Captions To *That* Picture Of Andy Samberg Because You Deserve It

"He's got such strong 'guy in your office you think of as just sort of a funny guy, and then all of a sudden you realise you're going for after-work drinks twice a week mostly hoping he'll be there' vibes."

23 Things Under $25 That'll Upgrade Your Life

Clever double shower hooks, a luxurious night cream, a multitasking car organizer, and more affordable finds to help you take it to the next level.

27 Parenting Hacks On Instagram That'll Make You Go, "Um, Thank You Instagram?!"

You're not wasting time on Instagram — you're doing parenting research!

What Breed Of Dog Should You Adopt?

*who's a good boy voice* Who's a good fit for my personality and lifestyle?!

Donald Glover Cried Onstage At Coachella During A Speech About Losing His Father, Mac Miller, And Nipsey Hussle

"So what I'm saying is: While you're here, while we're here, feel something and pass it on."

18 momentos que chocaram todo mundo que ama comédias românticas

As cenas que sempre pulamos para chegar no final feliz.

30 Pictures Of College On Instagram Vs. College In Reality

Damn, Instagram filter technology has REALLY advanced.

Paris Is Expensive, So I'll Be Impressed If You Can Plan A Trip There For Under $1,000

Can you fall in love with the city of love on a budget?

31 Beauty Products That Seriously Just WORK

Finally, products that keep their promises.

29 Baby Shower Gifts That Are Actually Fun

Because everyone else is just giving a Sophie the Giraffe.







22 Products I Don't Understand How You've Lived Your Whole Life Without

Seriously shook that you've survived this long without a colander spoon.

16 Dark Scenes From Kids' Films That Ended Up Being Deleted

Hmmm yeah, eating a pet is a bit much for a Disney film...






Can Do(キャンドゥ)のスマホ用品コーナーで、異彩を放っていた「ミニチュアパイプ椅子」。スマホスタンドとして使える商品で、ちゃんとストッパーなんかも付いています。SNS上にはこれに自分のフィギュアを座らせた投稿が多数!ネタ用ひとつ買っておくか…。

Become A Sommelier And See Which Wines Your Favorite "Game Of Thrones" Characters Would Drink

The perfect wines to pair with your favorite Game of Thrones characters. (Warning: Spoilers!)



Your Laptop Will Reveal Something You Need To Do ASAP

What was that thing you forgot to do?













ビーガンの売れっ子ユーチューバーが実は魚を食べていた… 驚愕の真実にファンが激怒

ビーガンYouTuberのYovana "Rawvana" Mendozaのファンたちは激怒し、彼女のSNSのページを魚の画像や絵文字で荒らしている。

39 Gentle Skincare Products People Swear By For Clear And Happy Skin

"Your royal highness, I present to you these products for your approval." —me talking to my easily irritated skin

I Know How Many Kids You're Going To Have Based On This Victoria's Secret Quiz

Yes your bra and panty selection say a great deal about you as a person and parent.

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