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    17 Coworkers We All Wish We Had In Our Lives

    These folks make work just a little less stressful.

    1. This person who sent a simple thank-you note to a coworker. The recipient has anxiety and depression, and reading the note helps them get through each day:

    quokkafarts / Via

    "I would like to thank you for yesterday. You show kindness, empathy, compassion. Thank you for being you!"

    2. This colleagues who gave this guy some birthday love:

    My coworker is from Guatemala and today is his birthday but has no family here. So you know I had to make his day. 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

    3. This folks who gave their coworker a new bike after his got stolen:

    scuffery / Via

    4. And this single dad's coworkers, who gave him a car after they found out he was walking 11 miles to work every day:


    5. This person's generous unknown colleague, who gave him a Thanksgiving feast when he had to work on the holiday:

    allent826 / Via

    6. This person, who gave their coworker a mini care package after her breakup:

    krispeon / Via

    7. The two coworkers who gave this to their (Marvel fan) boss after their boss had open heart surgery:

    KerberosPanzerCop / Via

    8. This person who checked in on their colleague's well-being:

    geeitswill / Via

    9. These work friends who got their colleague the perfect cake after a rough workday:

    lamaface9603 / Via

    10. Darrin Kline, who who led his coworkers to safety and freed one from a walk-in freezer after a tornado hit and destroyed the Panera they were all working at:

    WNEP / Via

    11. This person's colleague, who preemptively changed the toilet paper roll before the old one ran out:

    Totoro_san / Via

    12. This person, who printed and hung up a kitty sun after their coworker said the weather was making them feel depressed:

    lacunaluna / Via

    13. The colleagues of this school custodian, who received a beautiful gift from the teachers she works with:

    Peabo721 / Via

    14. These coworkers, who sent this lovely card to someone who had just landed their dream job:

    SeezoTheFish / Via

    15. This teen who saved their coworker's life by giving them CPR during a medical emergency:

    Inside Edition / The Week / Via

    16. This person's neighbor's coworker, who gave them a $500 donation after they found out their child had leukemia.

    marmalady711 / Via

    17. And finally, this dog, who has the best boss on the planet:

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