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    These Cartoons Of "Woke" Dogs Make The World A Better Place, End Of Story

    "Oh, terribly sorry, sir, but I no longer roll over for men who do the bare minimum." —A woke dog, when told to roll over

    If you're into social justice and dogs, then boy, do I have an Instagram account for you!!!!!!!!!!!

    I recently discovered @drawingsofdogs, a cartoon account that playfully touches on social justice themes — but through the eyes of dogs!!!

    All comics are by Henry James Garrett, a former philosophy student living in Brighton, UK.

    "I usually start with something I’m angry about or something I’ve recently learnt about," Garrett told BuzzFeed. "Most of that anger and learning comes from conversations with my partner, Kitty, who works in human services."

    Garrett's also started expanding his comics beyond just dogs:

    And with over 98,000 followers, it's clear his work resonates with a lot of people.

    "One theory I have on the success of the page is that using animals allows a degree of separation from the point being made," Garrett says. "It lets people sit with it for a second instead of feeling personally attacked."

    And as for the response he's received? Garrett says he's very, very grateful: "I've received a few messages saying that I’ve made someone rethink some of their actions, or helped them to listen better to the people in their lives. I also love that my drawings can validate the way someone was already feeling, and give them words, and perhaps a justification."

    Plus, all of the comics are suuuuper cute.

    To keep up with Garrett and his drawings, follow Drawings of Dogs on Instagram!!!!!!!

    You can also purchase Garrett's work on the official Drawings of Dogs website here!

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