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    15 Wives Who Pranked Their Husbands Within An Inch Of Their Lives

    Their husbands never stood a chance.

    1. This wife, whose husband asked for "a little something to eat":

    2. This wife, who used a tarantula skin from the pet store to give her husband the scare of his life:

    3. This wife, who cooked her husband a special dinner:

    I'm supposed to be the mature one in the marriage 😂 #alphabetchips #couldntresist #wifepranks #easilypleased #steak

    4. This wife, who gave her husband's truck a little makeover:

    5. This wife, who told her husband she made a "sexy dress":

    6. This wife, who made her husband the ripped jeans he begged her for:

    7. And this wife, who just plain scared the shit out of her husband in the middle of the night:

    8. This wife, who woke her husband up to tell him about the "leak" in the bathtub:

    9. This wife, who made her husband feel really, really popular:

    10. This wife, who wrote hilarious messages on her husband's sandwich bags:

    11. This wife, whose husband clearly doesn't listen to ’80s pop music:

    12. This wife, who made sure her husband knew that the Virgin Mary sees everything:

    13. This wife, who ordered a pizza using the first name "Sexual" for her husband to pick up:

    14. This wife, who intentionally mismatched all of her husband's socks after he made fun of her nit-picking:

    15. And this wife, who, when it comes to pranking, could teach the entire course: