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    I'm Obsessed With Tony Hawk Having A Hard Time Renting A Car

    Poor Tony.

    I don't know about you, but I live for Tony Hawk and his struggles of being famous.

    Like sometimes, he gets semi-recognized:

    Or mis-recognized (I made that word up, but you get it):

    He seems to always have super-odd interactions with people about him being famous:

    Well, on Saturday he had another one of those hilarious encounters — this time when he was trying to rent a car.

    The agent thought someone was using the fake prank name "Tony Hawk," so he deleted it.

    At rental car agency, can’t find my name on the monitor to find my car, go inside & wait in line. Finally get to the front, agent sees me & says “you really are Tony Hawk” Me: um, yes. I was looking for my name outside on the list Him: “I deleted it because I thought it was fake”

    Like, I'm dead at Tony Hawk having to constantly deal with this stuff.


    People, of course, loved another "Yes, I'm Tony Hawk" tale.

    @tonyhawk Can you please publish a book of just these stories?

    @tonyhawk You got the best stories. Start a YouTube story channel

    And let's give it up to him for not sharing the company name, so the agent wouldn't get fired.

    @T_bell111 It’s real. I purposely left out which rental company because I don’t want him to get fired.

    We stan a hilarious, kind skater. Yes, we do!

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