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    23 Things Under $25 That'll Upgrade Your Life

    Clever double shower hooks, a luxurious night cream, a multitasking car organizer, and more affordable finds to help you take it to the next level.

    1. Ingenious double shower hooks that'll allow you to swap out just your curtain or just your liner without having to basically dismantle your whole shower setup every time. Let's leave the shower curtain struggles to the Bates Motel, shall we?

    2. Barilla ProteinPlus multigrain pasta, which is made with lentils, barley, oats, egg whites, and chickpeas to give it more fiber and protein than typical noodles — without sacrificing deliciousness.

    3. A soft silicone bullet vibe that is waterproof, USB-rechargeable, and perfect for use alone or with a partner and has an ~orgasmically~ low price tag. It's proof good sex upgrades come in small, ahem, packages.

    4. A durable, leakproof car garbage bag complete with cupholders and a tissue box holder to make your car feel even more like your second home than it already does. And no, this caddy will not judge you for how much Taylor Swift you play or how many drive-through meals you eat, so it's the perfect travel companion.

    5. A super-spacious RFID-blocking passport wallet that'll honestly have everyone else in line at check-in and security marveling at how dang organized you are, you travel expert, you.

    6. A quick-drying matte topcoat so you can give any mani a trendy matte finish without dropping major $$$ on a bunch of fancy polishes. Nailed it!

    7. A clever colander spoon that'll allow you eliminate a step (and your need for a colander) when cooking and make meal prep way less ~draining~.

    8. The Glossier Zit Stick, a miraculous spot treatment that can help acne start to fade in as little as THREE HOURS. Plus, it's invisible once you roll it on and the packaging is super cute, so you can easily keep it in your bag for whenever a skin-mergency strikes.

    9. A trendy-yet-versatile bodysuit you can swap in for your favorite tee to make tucking in your top without bunching a total breeze.

    10. I Am More Beautiful Than... – a LOL-worthy illustrated book of affirmations that will tell you a bunch of random things you are, in fact, more beautiful than. Because some days you just need to hear it.

    11. A chic convertible everyday bag that looks way more expensive than it is and can be carried as a crossbody or a backpack.

    12. Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream to help you give new meaning to the term "beauty sleep." Just smear some on your face before you hit the hay and let it work it's super-moisturizing, fine line-reducing magic.

    13. A honeycomb drawer organizer that's truly ~the bee's knees~. It'll help you maximize your drawer space and prevent you from ever spending a small eternity rummaging around for a matching pair of socks again.

    14. A padded, racerback sports bra emblazoned with inspirational phrases from the Aerie x Aly Raisman collection that might actually make you excited to hit the gym. Plus, a portion of proceeds go to an awesome cause.

    15. A pack of super absorbent oil blotting papers that's small enough to keep in your pocket for touch-ups throughout the day. Grease is no longer the word.

    16. An adorably handy magnetized cloud here to ensure you'll always remember your keys and look cirrus-ly cute doing it, too.

    17. A collapsible Bluetooth keyboard to make working on your iPad on-the-go approximately a zillion times easier.

    18. A roomy can organizing rack that over 2,000 reviewers swear by for finally getting their pantry clutter under control once and for all.

    19. The whimsical "Human Repair Kit" (aka travel first aid kit) from cute new first aid brand Welly, which is so cool-looking you'll actually remember to put it in your bag on your next adventure. And honestly, if you get a paper cut and then Instragram it, I wouldn't even judge you that much.

    20. A polished tie-neck top which, just like your fave tee, you can rock with everything from jeans to a pencil skirt to shorts — but it's way classier than a basic crewneck.

    21. A stunning wall tapestry to instantly tie any space together, no Bobby Berk-level design skills (or budget) required.

    22. A hella convenient iron and ironing board caddy that can be hung over a door or wall-mounted. Suddenly, two of the most space-hogging products in your home take up space? What is this sorcery?

    23. And a set of cool claw clips to upgrade any basic pony or messy 'do into a full-on ~lewk~.

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