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    30 Splurge-Worthy Items To Help You Live Your Best Life

    Because you deserve it!!!

    1. A luxurious face cream that'll leave your skin smooth and dewy without being greasy. It also acts a primer for days when you feel like putting on makeup.

    2. A soda maker for making fizzy water at home because your La Croix habit is getting expensive.

    3. An automatic pet feeder to ensure your furry friends always get their meals on time so you don't have to worry about them while on vacation. (You'll probably worry anyway.)

    4. A do-it-all Instant Pot so you can consolidate several appliances into one and cook dinner in 15 minutes. Yay for decluttering cabinets and getting food on the table faster!

    5. A Dyson hair dryer that'll actually cut down on drying time and help you get out the door faster.

    6. An air fryer for making your fave fried foods with less oil but the same amount of crispiness.

    7. A Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS running watch to keep track of your fitness progress so you'll be motivated to hit your goals.

    8. A low-maintenance countertop garden so you can make your own pesto from scratch and have an endless supply of fresh herbs for all kinds of recipes. Delish!

    9. A rechargeable sonic facial cleansing brush that'll remove all traces of dirt and makeup and provide gentle exfoliation.

    10. A Chemex pour-over coffee maker worthy of your single origin beans.

    11. An alcohol-free, multivitamin face mist to always pack in your travel makeup bag — it can work as a toner, setting spray, or a refreshing mid-flight pick-me-up.

    12. A Waterpik water flosser so you can take your oral hygiene to new heights.

    13. A straightening brush that'll make styling your hair a breeze. Every day will be good hair day!

    14. A chic and sturdy suitcase perfect for a fabulous jetsetter like yourself. You can definitely expect compliments from strangers at the airport.

    15. A highly-rated baby bouncer to keep your kiddo comfortable and entertained (and give your hands and lap a break). Bonus: it can fold completely flat for storage!

    16. A sous vide precision cooker so your steaks will always be cooked to absolute perfection. "How do you do it?!" — your guests at the next dinner party.

    17. A compact yet powerful Bose soundbar that'll enhance your binge-watching experience without being an eyesore.

    18. Kitten-heel leather booties comfortable enough for a night out dancing. They can easily be dressed up or down so you'll get tons of wear out of them.

    19. A classic red lipstick to instantly make you look like you put in tons of effort (even if you didn't). It's also incredibly long-lasting so only you only need one application!

    20. A natural self tanner (infused with organic botanicals and butters) so you can look like you spent all day at the beach without actually exposing your skin to harmful UV rays.

    21. A pair of floral statement earrings that'll complete any outfit, whether it's a fancy LBD or your fave jeans and a T-shirt.

    22. A non-greasy, non-drying, lightweight makeup remover for dissolving three layers of tinted sunscreen with zero effort.

    23. A portable charger disguised as an attractive bangle bracelet — you'll want to wear all the time.

    24. An embroidered denim trucker jacket to make you wish spring weather lasted year round.

    25. A crisp and breathable linen sheet set so you can wake up saying, "Sweat? I don't know her."

    26. A stainless steel pendant necklace that isn't just a stylish accessory — it has a secret compartment for your bobby pins!

    27. A sleek water bottle for encouraging you to hit your eight-cups-a-day target. Who wouldn't want to drink water when it comes out of this?!

    28. A practical (but not boring) everyday leather tote big enough to fit your entire life inside, including an extra pair of flats.

    29. A lace T-shirt bra so gorgeous and supportive, you'll want to throw away all your other undergarments.

    30. A dual-ended liquid eyeliner by Tom Ford that'll glide on as smooth as silk and deliver sharp wings every single time.

    Time to give yourself the royal treatment!

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