I Bought Away Carry-On Luggage To See If It Was Worth The Price

    Spoiler alert: It's actually worth the price tag.

    OK, do you ever see Instagram "influencers" talking about the ~cool~ new products in the world? And you don't know if it's genuine or if they were just being paid like every Bachelor contestant?

    Yeah, same here. You read the comments and think it's fine, but you don't want to drop the cash in case it's all a load of crap. Anyway, this happened to me particularly with Away smart luggage.

    I mean, look at this picture. This girl is living her best traveling life right now. Is it real? What makes this suitcase worth $200+?

    I decided to just bite the bullet and see what the hype is about. It's worth noting you have 100 days to return it if you hate it. I went with the Bigger Carry-On.

    So what is so special about this bag? You can charge your phone and other devices with an ejectable battery, it has a three-digit lock, it comes with a laundry bag, and you can fit a surprisingly large amount of stuff in it.

    First thing to know is that it's compliant with most major airlines. This is the Bigger Carry-On and it fit perfectly in the bin.

    Another feature people love is the ejectable battery. You can charge your phone (and other devices) right from your suitcase.

    Another feature is the lock. You set a three-digit code, and when locked, you can't open the zippers.

    One of the best parts of the bag is its simplicity and strategy in HOW you pack. There are three separate compartments that help organize your belongings, and also fit as much stuff as possible.

    The left side is for loose items such as shoes, toiletries, brushes, etc. The middle is for laptops, e-readers, tablets, etc. And the right side is for clothes.

    One of my personal favorite features is the laundry bag! It folds up in a side pocket, is washable, and will separate your clean clothes from your dirty clothes.

    All the bags also come with charger converters so you can use your battery in other countries.

    The case itself is hard cover, so it can endure a lot. And the wheels rotate 360 degrees for easy travel.

    Away has a lifetime guarantee for their luggage. So if anything goes wrong, you are covered for as long as the company is operational.

    And on top of all these cool features, Away also has really amazing customer service.

    Overall, I had a really good experience and I personally thought the Away Bigger Carry-On was worth the $245.

    I also did an Instagram story review, which you can view on my highlights.

    If you're interested in purchasing an Away suitcase, you can buy it here starting at $225 or in-store.

    They have stores in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, and Chicago.