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    I Bought Away Carry-On Luggage To See If It Was Worth The Price

    Spoiler alert: It's actually worth the price tag.

    OK, do you ever see Instagram "influencers" talking about the ~cool~ new products in the world? And you don't know if it's genuine or if they were just being paid like every Bachelor contestant?

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    Yeah, same here. You read the comments and think it's fine, but you don't want to drop the cash in case it's all a load of crap. Anyway, this happened to me particularly with Away smart luggage.

    I mean, look at this picture. This girl is living her best traveling life right now. Is it real? What makes this suitcase worth $200+?

    I decided to just bite the bullet and see what the hype is about. It's worth noting you have 100 days to return it if you hate it. I went with the Bigger Carry-On.


    According to their website:

    "We want everyone to make sure they really love their suitcase before they decide to keep it, so we offer a 100-day trial. It works like this: After you receive your suitcase, you have 100 days to live with it, vibe with it, travel with it, Instagram it, put a sticker on it, whatever.

    "If at any point in the first 100 days you decide it’s just not for you, return it for a full refund — no questions asked. Just shoot us an email at, and we’ll send you a free shipping label. Return shipping on US orders is always on us! If you’re elsewhere, scroll down to 'What if I have an international return?'

    So what is so special about this bag? You can charge your phone and other devices with an ejectable battery, it has a three-digit lock, it comes with a laundry bag, and you can fit a surprisingly large amount of stuff in it.

    Arielle Calderon

    First thing to know is that it's compliant with most major airlines. This is the Bigger Carry-On and it fit perfectly in the bin.

    Arielle Calderon

    Most people say it's even fine on most international flights, but you'll probably have trouble with airlines like RyanAir (the normal Carry-On should be fine though). According to their website:

    "The Carry-On is sized to fit official airline regulations at 21.7” x 13.7” x 9”. It flies on (almost) any plane, anywhere, anytime.

    "The Bigger Carry-On is made to fit the standard that airlines actually use — the sizer. And the sizer can fit slightly bigger bags.

    Another feature people love is the ejectable battery. You can charge your phone (and other devices) right from your suitcase.

    Arielle Calderon

    You just open the flap below the handle, push down, and the battery pops out.

    If your airline doesn't allow lithium batteries in the overhead compartment, you can just eject this and put it in your purse or pocket.

    Basically, if you're sitting in the airport with your carry-on and can't find a plug or they're occupied, you just plug it into your suitcase and voila. Just make sure to charge the battery the night before your trip! It can last about five full charges for a standard phone.

    Another feature is the lock. You set a three-digit code, and when locked, you can't open the zippers.

    Arielle Calderon

    There's also a universal TSA lock in case they need to open your bag (so they won't break your bag doing so).

    Away recommends putting the lock combo in your phone under a stealthy name so you won't forget it.

    One of the best parts of the bag is its simplicity and strategy in HOW you pack. There are three separate compartments that help organize your belongings, and also fit as much stuff as possible.


    The left side is for loose items such as shoes, toiletries, brushes, etc. The middle is for laptops, e-readers, tablets, etc. And the right side is for clothes.

    Arielle Calderon

    Because it is organized this way, it actually allows for a lot more room. Also, for the compression bag (the middle section), what makes it so great is that the straps are connected to it. So since it's a flat surface and locks in your clothes, it really squishes everything down.

    One of my personal favorite features is the laundry bag! It folds up in a side pocket, is washable, and will separate your clean clothes from your dirty clothes.


    Bonus: the compression bag (middle piece) really squeezes everything down, leaving more room for items.

    All the bags also come with charger converters so you can use your battery in other countries.

    Arielle Calderon

    The case itself is hard cover, so it can endure a lot. And the wheels rotate 360 degrees for easy travel.


    Nothing drives me crazier than your wheels getting stuck or the bag just not really rolling smoothly.

    Away has a lifetime guarantee for their luggage. So if anything goes wrong, you are covered for as long as the company is operational.


    According to their website:

    "Our suitcases, excluding the electronic components, are guaranteed by a limited lifetime warranty that covers any damage to the shell, wheels, handles, zippers, or anything else that functionally impairs the luggage. If anything breaks, we will fix or replace it for you.

    "The electronic components themselves are guaranteed by a two-year warranty. We will offer replacement batteries for purchase in the future and will make sure they improve with technology advancements."

    And on top of all these cool features, Away also has really amazing customer service.

    Arielle Calderon

    If you have the old Away Carry-On that has the built-in charger with screws, you can reach out to them and they'll switch you to an ejectable battery for free. If you got the bag before they included charger converters, you can email and they'll send you some. They're really responsive and super helpful. It's actually pretty rare to expect that these days.

    Overall, I had a really good experience and I personally thought the Away Bigger Carry-On was worth the $245.

    Arielle Calderon

    I was able to fit a large amount of items, the laundry bag was a lifesaver, the compression section really made everything fit better, and it looks stylish too. The fact that it has a lifetime guarantee also helps. Obviously $200+ can be a huge purchase for some people, but it's a good investment for my lifestyle. And if you hate it within the 100 days, you can always return it.

    I also did an Instagram story review, which you can view on my highlights.

    Arielle Calderon

    If you're interested in purchasing an Away suitcase, you can buy it here starting at $225 or in-store.

    They have stores in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, and Chicago.

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