15 Thoughts You Have When You’re At A Restaurant With Free Chips And Salsa

    My steak burrito will have to wait ‘til later.

    1. Is the waiter bringing me chips and salsa? Keep coming, keep coming, YES!

    2. Wait... I better not get charged for this.

    3. Ok cool, it’s for sure free. Thanks Chili’s.

    4. Are they called appetizers because they ruin your appetite or because they are appetizing?

    5. They should really make the salsa bowls bigger.

    6. I wish they offered free margaritas and let me purchase the chips and salsa instead.

    7. Why is flagging down my waiter so hard? Am I just an awkward person?

    8. People who order fajitas just do it for the attention.

    9. Why is guac like $500?

    10. Maybe I don’t even need to order food.

    11. Hopefully chips and salsa are healthy. I’ll Google it.

    12. Thank God these are gluten free! *chugs a beer*

    13. Someone needs to take these away from me.

    14. I’m way too full to eat dinner.

    15. Oh, you don’t like chips and salsa?

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