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These 15 Kids Are 100% Smarter And 100% More Clever Than You'll Ever Be

I quit.

1. This kid who is more genius and clever than you:

The most “Shawshank Redemption” story you’ll hear today: My younger son tries to sneak sugar packets out of restaurants and eat them in the car. We’ve taken to checking his pockets, so he stuffed five of them in a hollowed-out breadstick.

2. This kid who knows blunt honesty always works:

Teacher to my son after he gets in trouble: “I’m going to have to call your mom.” Son: “Don’t call her.” Teacher: “Sorry but I have to.” Son: “No I’m serious. Don’t call her. She doesn’t answer her phone. You have to text her.”

3. This kid who always finds a way to get out of sharing:

When you're not hungry for the whole pizza, but you still don't want to share. -4yo life hack

4. This kid who knows how to make you pay for your mistakes:

This kid asked me for some skittles but I had just finished them so he stared at me like this the entire flight

5. And this kid who isn't afraid to speak his mind:

My son got his report card today and academically he did well but his teacher wrote a note specifying “ he needs to use kind words with friends “ . I asked him about it and he said “ My friends are dumb and they need to know “

6. This kid who already knows how to play the game:

7. This kid who knows she doesn't have to dress like a princess to be one:

It was princess day at dance and one little girl came as a hot dog I have never admired someone more.

8. And this kid who makes his own damn rules:

Asked my son to box up his leftover mac and cheese at the restaurant and he put the entire bowl in there and I’m not sure if he’s an idiot or a genius.

9. This kid who knows how to get revenge:

10. This kid who knows how to get the best of both worlds:

11. This kid who knows the importance of snacks at all times:

12. This kid who is saving the environment, one poster at a time:

This kid is going places...I can tell.

13. This kid who knows how to take the right kind of advantage of people:

14. This kid who always listens to what you say:

Didnt mean this when I said clear your plate chlo #outsmarted

15. And this kid who will always prove you wrong:

My 7yo daughter: someone at camp said girls aren’t tough. Me: what did you say to that? My 7yo, who has had a loose tooth for over a week: I pulled out my tooth in front of him and he stopped talking to me. #parenting