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    Become A Sommelier And See Which Wines Your Favorite "Game Of Thrones" Characters Would Drink

    The perfect wines to pair with your favorite Game of Thrones characters. (Warning: Spoilers!)

    Warning: Spoilers ahead!

    Left Bank Bordeaux - Robert Baratheon

    Right Bank Bordeaux - Tywin Lannister

    Champagne - Jon Snow

    New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc - Daenerys Targaryen

    Burgundy/Pinot Noir - Tyrion Lannister

    California Cabernet Sauvignon - Cersei Lannister

    Beaujolais - Arya Stark

    Argentinian Malbec - The Mountain

    Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon - The Hound

    Chinon/Cabernet Franc - Jaime Lannister

    Dry Riesling - Bran

    Moscato D'Asti - Sansa Stark

    Nero D'Avola - Euron Greyjoy

    Brunello Di Montalcino/Sangiovese - Littlefinger

    White Burgundy/Chardonnay - Catelyn Stark

    Pinot Blanc - Bronn

    Chave Hermatage - Brienne of Tarth

    Gewurztraminer - Loris Tyrell

    Chateauneuf Du Pape/Red Rhone Blends - Varys

    Provence Rosé - Daario Naharis

    Pinot Gris/Grigio - Edmund Tully

    Viognier - Olenna Tyrell

    Ice Wine - Night's King

    Rioja - Elleria Sand

    Bierzo Mencia - Oberyn Martell

    Muscadet - Davos Seaworth

    Vouvray - Gilly

    Madeira - Samwell Tarly

    Sweet Riesling - Margaery Tyrell

    Sauternes - Tommen Baratheon

    Australian Shiraz - Melisandre

    Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel - Three Eyed Raven

    White Zinfandel - Joffery Baratheon

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