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    30 Pictures Of College On Instagram Vs. College In Reality

    Damn, Instagram filter technology has REALLY advanced.

    College orientation on Instagram.

    College orientation in reality.

    Flickr: 90084166@N06 / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 90084166@N06

    Dorms on Instagram.

    Dorms in reality.

    Taking notes on Instagram.

    Taking notes in reality.

    Dating on Instagram.

    Dating in reality.


    Eating on Instagram.

    Eating in reality.

    Flickr: avlxyz / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: avlxyz

    Spring break on Instagram.

    Spring break in reality.

    Halfpoint / Getty Images

    Rush week on Instagram.

    Rush week in reality.

    Fox / Via

    Frat party on Instagram.

    Frat party in reality.

    Studying on Instagram.

    Studying in reality.

    Class on Instagram.

    Class in reality.

    Flickr: whateva / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: whateva

    Making friends on Instagram.

    Making friends in reality.

    Flickr: arcaist / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: arcaist

    Study abroad on Instagram.

    Study abroad in reality.

    School spirit on Instagram.

    School spirit in reality.

    Beer pong on Instagram.

    Beer pong in reality.

    Graduation on Instagram.

    Graduation in reality.

    Flickr: bensonk42 / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: bensonk42