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April 29, 2019

Which Combination Of One Direction And "Avengers: Endgame" Members Are You?

One Direction and your MCU faves coming together in one quiz... the power.

25 "Avengers: Endgame" Meets "The Office" Memes That Fit So, So Well

"There's too many people on this Earth." —Thanos, basically.

Joe Biden Backs A Public Option — Not Medicare For All — As He Argues For Electability

“Let me shoot straight with you — and this may not be popular in parts of the Democratic Party — but we have to have a nominee and can’t have a nominee that is too far left,” a Biden ally said Monday.

The 12 Most Badass "Game Of Thrones" Moments From This Week's Episode, Ranked

Petition to rename the Battle of Winterfell the "Battle of the Badasses."

The New Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Features A Hijabi Model And Twitter Is Applauding

The model rocked a hijab and burkini for the magazine, and she looks absolutely amazing.

20 Unpopular "Gilmore Girls" Opinions That Every Fan Secretly Knows Are True

"Best Gilmore love interest is OBVIOUSLY that Yale guy who listens to The Smiths while doing laundry and then rejects Rory when she asks him out. Not all heroes wear capes."

Macy's Is Having An Up To 30% Off Sale, And My Cart Is 100% Full

Use promo code "FRIEND" at checkout for an extra 30%, 25%, 15% OR 10% off!

Como a Cultura e a Saraiva ajudaram a piorar o tombo do mercado do livro no país

Segundo estudo, faturamento das editoras com as livrarias caiu R$ 490 milhões no ano passado.

Paid Email Newsletters Are Proving Themselves As A Meaningful Revenue Generator For Writers

As writers gravitate toward paid email newsletters, small audiences translate to meaningful dollars.

These Pictures Show The Huuuuge Difference Between JoJo Siwa's And Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Houses

WOULD YOU RATHER: Scary abandoned $60 million museum OR a shrine to candy and Club Libby Lu?

If You Don't Give AF About "Game Of Thrones," Here Are 19 Funny Tweets For Ya

"Congrats to all the thrones on yet another great game."

I'm Not Kidding, You Can Win $1,000 On This Slack Channel Word Game

"The Word Of The Day Is" is a word game challenge on Slack that'll dish out some serious money if you guess the daily word correctly.

Membros do Monsta X dizem quais são suas coisas favoritas

O Monsta X contou com exclusividade pra gente todas as suas coisas favoritas: de apps de celular até Monbebes.

John Singleton, Director Of "Boyz N The Hood," Has Died

The filmmaker was first black person ever to be nominated for the Best Director Oscar.

An Army Veteran Planned Terror Attacks In California To Avenge New Zealand Shootings, Authorities Say

“There mustbe [sic] retribution,” the veteran posted online in reference to last month’s deadly New Zealand mosque attacks, authorities allege.

21 Very Important Life Lessons From "Parks And Rec" That Are Better Than Anything You Learned In School

"There has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast food."

I've Seen One Episode Of "Game Of Thrones," Here's What I Thought About The Battle Of Winterfell

The show's lighting is brought to you by an iPhone flashlight.

21 Sustainable Products That Are Seriously Beautiful

Because we love and respect Mother Nature!

Roy Moore Is Still Fighting In Court With Sacha Baron Cohen As He Eyes Another Senate Run

Moore is suing Cohen for defamation over a prank interview in which the comedian waved a wand over Moore that Cohen said could detect sex offenders. Moore lost in court Monday over where the case should be heard.

Brie Larson Was So Proud Of Mark Ruffalo For Not Spoiling "Endgame," And So Am I

"You didn't spoil it, I'm so happy for you!" - Brie Larson and me.

Beto O’Rourke Is The Latest Democrat To Make Climate Change Central To His Campaign

“The greatest threat we face — which will test our country, our democracy, every single one of us — is climate change,” Beto O’Rourke wrote in a message to supporters.

May 2019 Has So Many Amazing Movies Coming Out, I'm Just Going To Move Into A Theater

Keanu! Pikachu! Aladdin! Dennis Quaid as a creepy man!

Your Director Doesn't Want To Hear One More Second Of These Songs, So Let's See Which One You Are

All in good fun. Unless you sing these for auditions. In that case, stop it.

Sag uns, welche dieser Dinge du zu Hause hast und wir verraten deine ideale Sexstellung

Wusstest du, dass dein Haushalt so einiges über deine sexuellen Vorlieben verrät?

51 People Who Say They Are Going To Name Their Firstborn Arya

Taylee, Mckarty, Nayvie, Maylee, Laklynn, Arya...

Marcia Brady Is Going After Anti-Vaxxers For Using Marcia As An Anti-Vax Spokesperson

In the episode, Marcia declares: "If you have to get sick, sure can't beat the measles!"

Ariana Grande Fans Harassed A Writer After She Criticized The Singer. Ariana Then DM'd Her Saying Her Fans Had "Similar Energy" To The Critiques.

Roslyn Talusan told BuzzFeed News she was floored when she discovered a DM from the pop star. However, she was even more shocked by Grande's response.

29 Products You Didn't Know You've Been Dreaming Of

A cookie bouquet, solar powered charging bank, towel rack warmer, and 26 other products sweet dreams are made of.

16 Reasons Why Melisandre Was The True Hero Of "GoT" Last Night

Public opinion of the red witch has officially changed.

Sophie Turner's Reaction To Arya Stark In Episode 3 Is The Only Thing That Matters Right Now

"She. Did. That." I want someone to hype me up like Sophie Turner does with Maisie Williams.

PewDiePie Wants The "Subscribe To PewDiePie" Meme To Be Over

Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, made the announcement on the eve of his YouTube channel's ninth anniversary.

There Was A Hidden Pun In Last Night's "Game Of Thrones"

A very serious episode, with a ridiculous hidden joke.

This Quiz Will Reveal Which Character From "Rick And Morty" You Are

Hey! Hey, Morty! Look at this *burps* dweeb taking this quiz! 🤤

El final del último capítulo de 'Game of Thrones' es un mega giro de tuerca, pero tiene sentido

Lo vienen construyendo de la primera temporada... Obvio este post contiene spoilers.

Esto es lo que le pasó a Ghost, Rhaegal y Drogon en 'Game Of Thrones'

Por si to lo estabas preguntando... ¡obvio tiene spoilers!

17 Stylish & Comfy Pairs Of Sandals Our Readers Actually Swear By

You know what they say...happy feet, happy life!

16 missglückte Fotos mit Panoramafunktion, die direkt aus der Hölle kommen

*schläft den Rest ihres Erwachsenenlebens mit Nachtlicht*

What's The Cringiest Line In Movie History?

Is ~that~ line from Fifty Shades Of Grey seared into your memory?

Estas son todas las personas que han muerto en la temporada 8 de "Game Of Thrones"

El invierno llegó. Y con él... LOS. SPOILERS. DE. MUERTES.

Brie Larson Said Marvel Movies Need Better LGBT Representation After Fans Were Disappointed With The MCU's First Openly Gay Character

"To me it’s like, we gotta move faster. But I’m always wanting to move faster with this stuff."

Wendy Williams’ Divorce Drama Has Put Her In The Hot Seat

The longtime talk show host has become the kind of scandal-plagued celebrity she usually gossips about on her program.

16 Kids Who Are Hilariously Dumb, But It Doesn't Matter Cause They Are 100% Cute

"What if we put a slice of turkey in the DVD player and it played a movie about the turkey’s whole life?"

¿Puedes encontrar 16 estados de México en el mapa?

En teoría, lo podría hacer un niño de primaria, ¿tú puedes?

¿Qué telenovela estaba de moda el año en el que naciste?

¿Eres de la época de 'Rebelde' o de 'María, la del barrio'?

17 "Avengers: Endgame" Spoilers Without Context

Some non-spoliery spoilers for ya.

The "Game Of Thrones" Season 8, Episode 3 Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

It was easy to miss a lot considering how dark the whole damn thing was. Warning: contains spoilers!

17 Of The Best Pairs Of Baby Shoes You Can Get On Amazon

🎶 Baby shoes, doo doo doo doo doo doo! 🎶

Buquê de flores de guioza

Buquê de flores de guioza

Discover Which One Of Taylor Swift's Cats You Really Are

In honor of the newest Swift feline family member.

Theresa May's Former Universities Minister Has Warned The Government Risks Being Seen As ‘Against Young People”

Proposals to raise university fees for EU students — revealed by BuzzFeed News — have caused a major Cabinet row.

16 der lustigsten, verwirrendsten und WTFsten Wahlplakate 2019

Du bekommst dein Geld zurück, wenn du nicht ein mal „Hää?“ gesagt hast.

Literally Just 31 Things That'll Make You Look Super Chic

You've heard of Audrey? Gaga? Brigitte? Michelle? Yeah, none of them are as chic as you.

Here's What Happened To Ghost, Rhaegal, And Drogon On "Game Of Thrones"

In case you were wondering. Spoilers, obviously!

Morning Update: "Endgame" Shattered Every Box Office Record

A deadly synagogue shooting, building a political movement, the aftermath of Notre Dame's fire. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, April 29.

What Will Happen Next On "Game Of Thrones"? Here's What The Trailer Reveals

I am so ready for the second half of the season. Contains spoilers for Season 8, Episode 3 obviously.

レインボープライドで聞いた「こんな時代にしていきたい 」#だって令和だもん




140 Gedanken, die ich während der Schlacht um Winterfell hatte

Eigentlich habe ich fast 105 Minuten lang nur geschrien und geweint.





男性がハイキング中に転倒して死亡 遺体の場所を知らせたのは飼い犬だった






The Latest "Game Of Thrones" Twist Was Mind-Blowing, But It Worked

It was right there all along. Warning: contains spoilers.

「平成最後の昭和の日」 昭和天皇、その激動の生涯を伝える35枚の写真


Clive Palmer Calls Newspoll "Fake News" While Boasting He's Worth "$4,000 Million"

I guess we've got three weeks of the Palmer Show now folks.

La gente está quejándose de lo mal que se veía el último capítulo de "Game of Thrones"

¿Las manchitas negras eran los muertos y las blancas eran los vivos?

105 Pensamientos que tuve en el tercer episodio de la última temporada de 'GOT'

Incluyendo los grandes éxitos: ¡No! ¡NO, POR FAVOR! ¡NO TÚ! y ¡NONONONONONO!

15 Tweets que definen lo que todos sentimos por Lyanna Mormont

La más valiente en el empaque más chiquito.

What Kind Of Asshole Is Your Cat?

What do you say when your cat hurts your feelings? Meouch.

I've Found 21 Of The Funniest Tumblr Jokes From "Game Of Thrones" Season 8, Episode 3 So Please LOL Along With Me

"The Night King walks like an overconfident frat boy and you can’t change my mind."





1泊1万円以下なのに超贅沢できるエアビーのおすすめ物件 12選



ジェンダーやセクシュアリティに関して踏み込みすぎた質問をされる。「若い女性」として身体について不快なコメントを受ける。相手が言った「軽い冗談」に恐怖を覚える。LGBTの人々が職場で受けたセクハラについてBuzzFeed Newsに語った。



This Is How Hard It Is To Find An Affordable Rental When You're On Welfare

“Finding an affordable home in the private rental market is a complete fiction for people on low incomes,” says Anglicare's Rental Affordability Snapshot.

Let's See If Your Marvel Romance Opinions Are Normal Or Not

Is that love in the air or just the Chitauri?

11 Hikes Near Cairns That You And Your Mate Need To Try This Weekend

All of which include breath-taking spots for the 'gram.

If You Recognize 20/30 Of These Shows, You’re A REAL Millennial

I bet you weren't up on Saturday mornings watching half of these shows, you youngin'.


もしかしたら、自分のものかもしれない――。「たかひろ」と書かれた「ゲゲゲの鬼太郎 妖怪大魔境」をめぐって、3人の男が名乗りをあげた

19 "Weird Kid" Confessions That Will Make You Want To Take A Shower

They got this stuff off their chests — but maybe they shouldn't have.

Cecile Richards Is Starting A New Political Organization And Linking Back Up With Planned Parenthood

Richards is partnering with Alicia Garza of Black Lives Matter and Ai-jen Poo of the National Domestic Workers Alliance to mobilize activists with their new group, Supermajority.

18 Young Adult Novels That Weren't So PG After All

TBH, our library cards got us wayyyy more than we bargained for.

37 Skincare Basics You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner

I'm sure you know to wash your face by now (I hope), but do you know what else to do?! Time to find out!

This Spelling Bee Test Will Separate The Decent Spellers From The Truly Brilliant Brainiacs

Brace yourself — all of these words were spelled by former contestants to win the Scripps National Spelling Bee.



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