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19 Badass Signs About Littering From Parks Around The World

"If you litter, shame on y'all!"

Parks around the world have signs throughout them to ~inspire people~ not to litter and help preserve the land (not that anyone should need reminding, to be honest). In honor of Earth Day, let's take a look at some of the more creative ones from across the world:

1. This delightfully Southern sign in Batesville, Mississippi warns of a $250 fine.

2. This Australian sign says "Report Butt Litter" (aka cigarettes).

3. This sign in Alabama pretty much says it all.

4. This sign wins the award for "Most Creative" sign.

5. This simple reminder in India's Eravukulam National Park speaks magnitudes.

6. This local beach offers trash pickers to clean up trash as "payment" for using the beach.

7. This reminder is super dark, lol.

8. This sign from Washington's Dungeness Spit gives real-life examples of how long things take to decompose.

9. This sign in Los Angeles calls anyone who picks up litter during their hike an actual hero.

10. The French Quarter of New Orleans has signs that remind people to keep their sidewalks garbage-free.

11. This sign says it all with an ask to bring garbage home with you.

12. This sign offers a cup of coffee in exchange for a clean beach.

13. This handmade sign rhymes.

14. This Chinese sign spells it out for visitors, in what can be loosely translated to "I give you the fragrance when you come — you leave me clean when you go."

15. This banner asks for humans to "behave like animals do."

16. Does this handwritten sentence on a stake count as a sign? (I'm going to count it regardless.)

17. This minimalist DIY sign is a gentle reminder.

18. A painted rock in the bay of Sydney, Australia gets the job done.

19. And here's one more just like the Alabama sign from the beginning of this list for good measure — because it's simply too good.