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23 Reasons We Need To Stop Freaking Out Over Climate Change

We only have about 12 years before the changes become irreversible, but who's counting?

21 Sustainable Products That Are Seriously Beautiful

Because we love and respect Mother Nature!

29 Things That'll Help You Get Closer To Zero-Waste

🌎 Earth day should be every day. 🌎

27 Zero Waste DIY Ideas That Will Make You Say, "My God, It's Brilliant"

Never buy hair elastics, coffee filters, or plastic sandwich baggies ever again.

Which Environmental Documentary Should You Watch Tonight?

From nature docs to warnings about our planet, here's what to watch for Earth Day.

32 Natural Beauty Products You're About To Be Obsessed With

These products are all naturaaaal, baby.

38 Tweets From People Watching "Our Planet" Who Are Not At All Okay

"For the first time in human history, the stability of nature cannot be taken for granted." —David Attenborough

25 Eco-Friendly Brands You Can Feel Good About Spending Your Money With

From backpacks made from billboards to biodegradable phone cases, these are businesses who truly care about the environment.

26 Products To Level Up Your Plant Game

I see your plant shelfie and raise you a bookend that doubles as a planter.

I Tried A Zero-Waste Personal Hygiene Routine For 30 Days And Here's What Happened

I ditched all my skincare and shower products that came in plastic containers for a month and traded them for products that produced ZERO garbage.

The "No Buy Challenge" Is The Pre-KonMari Method You Need In Your Life

Let's just call this preemptive Marie-Kondo-ing, shall we?

15 Facts That Will Make You Hate Humans (Even More Than You Already Do)

By 2050, the ocean is expected to contain more plastic than fish (by weight).

Poop Once Flowed Freely In The Streets Of New York. Here's What Changed.

The streets of New York City were once flowing with human waste before the city took action.

18 Reasons We Need To Get Our Shit Together And Save Planet Earth

"Preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known.”

21 Disturbing Pictures From The Worst Environmental Disaster In US History

On this day eight years ago, the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig experienced an uncontrollable blowout, causing an explosion that killed 11 people and set off the most devastating environmental disaster in US history.

24 Meatless Monday Recipes For Vegans, Vegetarians, And Creative Cooks

A little inspiration for your next meat-free meal.

The 51 Most Beautiful Places On Earth

As shared by the BuzzFeed Community.

17 Tips That'll Make Your Energy Bills A Lot Cheaper

Save your wallet and the environment.

Hey, We Should Probably Stop Recycling Receipts

Also maybe don't touch them more than you need to.

24 Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands That Are Stylish And Helping To Save The Planet

Rid yourself of fast fashion and check out these sustainable brands instead.

This National Parks Geography Test Is Guaranteed To Stump You

How well do you know these national treasures?

Which House Plant Are You Least Likely To Kill?

For anyone who'd like to have plants (but always kills them).

The 38 Most Beautiful Places In America

As suggested by the BuzzFeed Community.

19 Tiny Changes You Can Make To Help The Earth

Here's how to care for the Earth without having to become vegan or grow all your own vegetables.

Tell Us About Your Favorite Place On Earth

Which of Mother Nature's gifts means the most to you?

23 Fascinating Things You Never Knew About The National Parks

People used to watch bears feed out of dumpsters for fun.

23 Celestial Pictures That Will Make You Feel Grateful To Be Alive

Reminder: stars can't shine without darkness.

15 Pictures That Show Just How Beautiful AF Nature Really Is

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." — Albert Einstein

How Many Of These National Parks Have You Visited?

They don't call it "America the Beautiful" for nothin'.

12 Cheap And Lazy Ways To Cut Down On Waste

The best part of this is how much money you'll also save.

33 Genius Ways To Reuse Your K-Cups

Your single serving habit just got more useful.

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