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    Here's How Monkey Peel Bananas, And Why You Shouldn't Do It That Way

    I know I'm late to this.

    In the world of easily peel-able fruits, bananas are at the top of the chain. They don't squirt messy juices, are easily cleaned up, and don't require knives or sharp nails to cut into their flesh.

    Valentynvolkov / Getty Images

    They're also super sweet and one of those fruits that you can't believe isn't actual candy.

    But since this is the year 2019 and you can optimize literally anything, I just learned that there's actually a "superior" way of peeling bananas — the way monkeys do.


    I discovered this technique while watching a friend peel her banana this week. I know, I know, this is probably old news to most of you. But like I always say, you're never too old to learn a new skill that'll make you feel morally superior yet only improve your life in negligible ways. 🙃

    Here's how you peel a banana like a monkey: Instead of pulling the hard, stem end of the banana, flip it around and peel the opposite nubby end by pinching the stem and splitting your banana.

    In theory, this method allows you to use the hard stem as grip, makes it easier to consume the entire banana instead of discarding the darkened nubby end, and is apparently how monkeys peel bananas. At least according to some contextless YouTube videos.

    I tried it out for myself, to questionable results.

    Peeling from the nub end meant I had to dig my fingernails into the banana (the whole pinching technique didn't work), which resulted in messier, less defined peels AND actually gave me an uneasy grip on the banana since my last bite wasn't as firmly connected to the peel.

    Michelle No / BuzzFeed

    My last bite fell out of my banana, a problem I never had when peeling bananas the traditional way. ☝️

    So, next time someone tells you you're peeling bananas the wrong way, you now have an even better come back.


    The whole monkey-banana connection is kind of a myth, anyway, since apparently wild monkeys don't really encounter bananas too often. Live your best human life and peel bananas from the stem end!