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April 25, 2019

How Do You Write Compared To Everyone Else?

Your handwriting says a lot about you, including the person you really want to be. Find out what job is secretly waiting for you — or maybe you're waiting on it.

More Than 700 LA College Students And Staff Are Being Quarantined Because Of A Measles Outbreak

"One person could possibly infect a thousand people," said a health official.

17 People Who Deserve To Be Banned From Every Store Ever

Let the retail workers breathe for once.

Amazon Will Make One-Day Shipping Free For All Prime Members

Amazon plans to spend $800 million to expand Prime from a two-day to a one-day shipping standard.

17 Books That Will Change The Way You Think About The World

From Naomi Klein to Barbara Kingsolver, these authors explain the consequences of our warming planet — and imagine its future.

O desabafo deste professor em busca de emprego virou um manifesto contra a piora das condições de ensino

Salário baixo, nenhum benefício como férias ou 13º, acusações infundadas de "doutrinação". Dennis Almeida, que viralizou sem querer no Twitter, falou com o BuzzFeed News.

Rihanna Has 14 No. 1 Songs — I'll Be Impressed If You Can Name 6

Want you to make me feel like this is the only type game you care about in this world!

21 Jokes About Social Media Influencers It's 100% OK To Laugh At

"If you're an Instagram Influencer who doesn't have a picture of yourself in a sea of wildflowers, can I even trust your dry shampoo recommendations? SMH."

This Giant Potato Airbnb Has Me Hopping On The Next Flight To Idaho

Unfortunately the house is not filled with mashed potatoes.

30 Things Under $10 You Can Get On Amazon That People Actually Swear By

The best uses of a Hamilton since Lin-Manuel Miranda decided to write a musical about him.

A Young Man Set To Attend Western Michigan University Was Beheaded In Saudi Arabia

Mujtaba al-Sweikt was among the 37 people killed in Saudi Arabia's largest mass execution in three years.

24 Questions Left-Handed People Need To Answer IMMEDIATELY

I genuinely have no idea for some of these.

25 Weird Things People Have Actually Found In Thrift Stores

I'll take the doll head collection for $3.00.

How Much Do You Like School?

Do you really hate school as much as you think you do?

12 motivos por que ter sobrinhos é bem melhor que ter filhos

Trocar fraldas pode ser apenas um esporte sem compromisso.

These Haunting Pictures Show How Chernobyl Has Aged Over The Years

Since 1994, photographer David McMillan has made 21 trips to Chernobyl to witness nature reclaiming civilization.

Netflix Just Dropped A New Trailer For "Lucifer" And It's Everything I Desire

"When the devil finds his first love, evil shall be released."



Everyone's Personality Matches An Original Avenger — Here's Yours

"If you need us, if you need me, I'll be there."

A Judge Has Been Indicted For Allegedly Helping An Undocumented Immigrant Escape ICE Arrest

“This is like using a nuclear device to kill a gnat,” said a former federal court judge.

Livraria Cultura diz que relatos de assédio são "completamente distorcidos"

"As denúncias são anônimas, foram publicadas em um site que se define como 'anticapitalista'. Não temos como comentar algo que não se sustenta", disse a empresa em nota.

What Is The Best Musical Moment In An Otherwise Non-Musical Movie?

Shake it up, baby now (shake it up, baby).

Omarosa Thinks Kamala Harris Is Running A “Historic” Campaign That Trump Would Try To Shut Down With Racist “Undertones”

Omarosa also told BuzzFeed News’ Profile that Trump is “very sophisticated in his deceit.”

29 Things That'll Help You Get Closer To Zero-Waste

🌎 Earth day should be every day. 🌎

Opinion: Say No To Joe

Plenty of corporate Democrats helped usher in the student debt crisis and the surveillance state. But Biden stands out from the crowd.

Here Are Some Of 2019's Most Innovative Food Products So Far

Donut hole lip balms and vacuum-fried pickle chips? This is the only scientific innovation I actually care about.

A 5-Year-Old Allegedly Killed By His Parents Was Forced To Stay In A Cold Shower And Beaten, Police Say

Police say his parents, JoAnn Cunningham and Andrew Freund Sr., buried his body in a shallow grave and claimed he had disappeared.

Epik High, Iconic Korean Hip-Hop Group, Used Sleeplessness To Fuel Their Latest, Mesmerizing Album

They've been making powerful, empathetic music since 2003, but 2019 is in some ways a new beginning for them.

Which Member Of Little Mix Are You Most Like?

"I'm the only me in this world."

Ryan O’Connell From Netflix’s “Special” Revealed The Terrifying Pressure He Felt Representing Gay People With Disabilities

“When there’s the one seat at the table, that seat has to speak for every goddamn seat,” O'Connell told BuzzFeed News. “It’s a lot of pressure.”

The Owner Of A Popular College Frat Instagram Is Facing 20 Years In Prison For Plotting To Steal A URL At Gunpoint

Do It For State creator Rossi Lorathio Adams II wanted the similar domain to find new places to promote partying, drinking, and women-objectifying content.

16 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That'll Get You Hyped For "Avengers: Endgame"

Don't worry, there are no Endgame spoilers here.

Joe Biden Is Running As An Obama–Biden Democrat. But He Doesn’t Have Obama.

Biden says he didn't ask Obama for an endorsement. But their relationship will color the start of his 2020 campaign.

33 Cheap Things To Treat Your Mom To This Mother's Day

Yes, you can afford to get her the perfect gift! All of these great prezzies are under $25.

A Man Allegedly Killed A 4-Month-Old Baby When He Found Out He Wasn't The Father

The baby had sustained multiple injuries, including a fractured skull and a fractured rib, and had a serious case of pneumonia.

Esta teoría sobre viajes en el tiempo, Dr. Strange y 'Endgame' te VOLARÁ la cabeza

¿Y si "Infinity War' en realidad es un loop de tiempo iniciado por Doctor Strange?

People Tried This Viral Hand-Drawing Hack, And The Results Are Shameful

"I feel lied to." —All of Twitter, more or less

Lelo Is Having A Sex Toy Sale So Cover Your Kids' Eyes

Put the kids to bed early this Mother's Day...

Estoy chillando con estas fotos del elenco en la lectura final de "The Big Bang Theory"

"Siempre recordaré estos momentos con mis hermanos y hermanas de TBBT".

Can You Pick The Younger Photo Of These "Avengers" Actors?

Paul Rudd is just the start of this incredibly ageless cast.

Students Live In Tents, Do Homework Under Flashlights, And Deal Without Textbooks Months After California's Massive Camp Fire

“Staying in school is the hardest thing to do now,” one high school senior said.

Estas marmitas versáteis com carne moída vão salvar sua semana

Sabe quando bate aquela falta de criatividade na hora de preparar a comida da semana?

30 Pictures That Define Joe Biden's Career

On Thursday, Joe Biden officially announced his 2020 presidential bid. These pictures show the nearly 50-year journey to his third and current presidential campaign.

Here's Where Locals Actually Eat And Drink In Charleston, South Carolina

Avoid those sneaky tourist traps and eat where the locals do.

"Avengers: Endgame" Features Marvel Studios' First Openly Gay Character In A Small Role

“Representation is really important,” Joe Russo said. Warning: Very minor spoiler ahead.

Qual estereótipo negro do cinema é você?

É 2019 e ainda tem gente queimando o filme...

29 Cute But Practical Shoes You'll Wear All The Time

Form and function is the name of the game. Your feet will thank you.

Stassi Schroeder Will Never Go Brunette Again And Other Things We Learned From Her "Burning Questions" Interview

We asked one of reality TV's greatest characters about her time on The Amazing Race, Queen Bees, and of course, Vanderpump Rules.

Como a tecnologia está sendo usada em relacionamentos violentos e abusivos?

A violência doméstica facilitada pela tecnologia é "um comportamento antigo com ferramentas novas".

15 coisas que aprendemos fazendo terapia

Amor próprio não é uma jornada fácil.

22 Of The Most German Things You Can Ever Do

„Watching Tatort even though I don’t actually enjoy Tatort.“

A Democratic Group Is Asking 2020 Candidates To Sign A New Pledge: Play Nice And Then Support The Nominee

Indivisible is asking candidates to commit to a unity pledge, following a new public rift between Bernie Sanders campaign and Democratic establishment figures.

Solo alguien con visión perfecta podrá sacar 10 en este quiz de elotes preparados

El quiz más difícil que harás hoy (que, además, te va a dar hambre)

33 Celebridades que tal vez no viste en el Universo Cinemático de Marvel

Natalie Dormer es el punto en común entre el Universo de 'Game of Thrones' y el de Marvel.

UKIP’s Star Candidate Has A Long History Of Using Racial Slurs Against Minorities In YouTube Videos

Carl Benjamin — the YouTuber known as Sargon of Akkad — has repeatedly used the n-word and anti-gay slurs, while also last year suggesting Jewish people are using the Holocaust to engage in identity politics.

A High School Has A New Dress Code For Parents And It's Being Called Discriminatory

The dress code bans satin caps and bonnets, which are commonly worn by black women to protect their hair.

This Teenager Had His Selfies Facetuned By A Follower Who Thought He Might Have A Class 3 Bite And What Happened Next Is Just Bizarre

"I’ve seen very handsome and beautiful people asking for tweaks, from both females and males. It says a lot on the state this society is in."

21 Easy, Stress-Free Instant Pot Recipes For Spring

Think beyond hearty soups and stews.

Eduardo Bolsonaro diz que Mourão não é o Temer de seu pai

Para o 3º filho do presidente, que é deputado por SP, declarações de Mourão têm desagradado a base do bolsonarismo, mas ele não vê o vice tramando contra o companheiro de chapa.

19 Products From Walmart For Anyone Who Just Really Loves Eggs

It's no yolk — these products are truly egg-ceptional!

Here's Who Will Star In Daniel Craig's Last "James Bond" Film

Rami Malek is playing the villain, and Killing Eve creator and writer and Fleabag star Phoebe Waller-Bridge is serving as one of the film's screenwriters.

Find Out If You Would Have Survived The Salem Witch Trials

Let's see how you would have faired in Salem, Massachusetts, in the late 1600s.

33 Tweets, bei denen alle Eltern erst lachen und dann weinen müssen

Mutter kocht 2 Stunden. Kind isst 7 Reiskörner: "Satt."

If You Can't Pass This MCU Quiz, You Maybe Don't Deserve To See "Endgame"

This is the end. 🚨MCU spoilers but not Endgame spoilers🚨

I Bet We Can Guess What Type Of College Student You Are

Don't procrastinate. Take this quiz now!

Brie Larson Had No Idea What She Was Filming In The "Captain Marvel" End Credits Scene

"They gave me a piece of paper that was a full page of dialogue and action, but all of it was redacted except for my one line."

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Morning Update: Joe Biden Is In

Shady Amazon dealings, critics love Endgame, measles outbreak the worst on record since eradication. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, April 25.





Runners, Commuters, And Literally 12,000+ People Love These $20 Headphones

Good quality, affordable headphones (with 12k+ positive reviews!) that you won't hate yourself for losing...which you probably will.



Here's What You Need To Know About Lil Xan's Latest Claims About His Girlfriend's Pregnancy And Miscarriage

Just weeks after Annie Smith announced she'd had a miscarriage, Lil Xan has now cast doubt on her pregnancy altogether.



Joe Biden Is Running For President

Joe Biden starts his 2020 campaign as a polling leader, but will face immediate tests to see how he fits in with the current Democratic Party.

39 Mother's Day Gifts You Can't Go Wrong With

From budget to splurge-worthy, these are foolproof gifts your mom will love.

セリア好きが本気ですすめる! 今すぐ買うべき究極の100均グッズ10選

セリアにはおしゃれで良コスパな商品がいっぱい! どれを買おうか迷っちゃいますよね。そこでSeriaのガチで使えるおすすめの人気アイテムを厳選! 収納グッズ、キッチン雑貨、コスメ、インテリア雑貨など、2018年や2019年に話題になったものをまとめました。便利でおしゃれで使い勝手もいいものばかり。100均パトロールを欠かさないBuzzFeed編集部が本気でおすすめする商品リストです。


BuzzFeed の海外記事を英語と日本語でお届け!オナラもムダ毛も隠しごとなし! (英文記事の続きに翻訳記事あり)armpit:脇の下 mundane:日常的な anniversary:記念日







女性記者に長崎市幹部が性暴力、取材中の「おぞましい事件」 市を提訴


絶対にオザケンになれる7つの言葉 #ozkn


【投票】 #ドキュメンタル シーズン7が波乱の予感!誰が優勝すると思う?

4月26日より配信開始する松本人志企画・プロデュースのAmazon Prime Videoオリジナル番組「HITOSHI MATSUMOTO Presents ドキュメンタル」シーズン7。今作はシリーズ史上初の全5話一挙配信となります。10人お笑いモンスターの笑かしあい、誰が優勝するか予想しましょう。



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This Quiz Will Reveal How Common Your Food Opinions Are

Everyone has their opinions on condiments. How do yours compare?

This Quiz Will Determine Which Netflix Show Matches Your Personality

Are you more The Umbrella Academy or Grace and Frankie?

A Husband And Wife Get Prison For Filming Themselves Sexually Abusing Children And Babies

“These are two of the most wicked criminals in Texas history,” US Attorney John Bash said.

There Are Five Different Love Languages — What's Yours?

How do you express love and how do you receive it?

18 Texts That Prove Boyfriends Are The Weirdest Humans Alive

"Are you gonna look cute today or ratchet so we could match?"

39 Trendy Pieces Of Clothing Under $50 You'll Want To Add To Your Wardrobe

Tanks, skirts, dresses, and everything you need to complete your summer wardrobe on a budget!

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