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April 10, 2019

Quantos % Joey e quantos % Chandler de "Friends" você tem?

Você faz piadas ou simplesmente não entende elas?

EU Leaders Have Agreed To Delay Brexit To October 31

Theresa May had requested an extension until June, but at a summit in Brussels the leaders rejected both that and a longer delay to the end of the year many had argued for.

15 People Who Got Caught So, So Badly

LOL @ girl whose boss printed out her tweets.

Trump Officials Are Seeking To Double The Time Asylum-Seekers Must Wait To Legally Work

The administration is proposing a dramatic increase in the time before an asylum-seeker would become eligible to receive a work permit — from 180 days to 365 days.

Slice & Bake Rainbow Cookies

Slice & Bake Rainbow Cookies

Potato Bhajias

Potato Bhajias



Chicken Bibimbap

Chicken Bibimbap

Ohio's Governor Just Banned Abortion After A Month And A Half

Ohio is the seventh state to pass legislation that bans abortion after a heartbeat is detected. So far, none of the legislation has successfully become law.



Chocolate Strawberry Daifuku

Chocolate Strawberry Daifuku

It's Time To Find Out If You're Really One Of The Braxtons

"Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina, Tamar, and Miss E will teach you a thing or two!"

Here Are 27 "Game Of Thrones" Behind-The-Scenes Stories The Cast Just Revealed

Emilia Clarke fell off her horse while filming her first scene as Daenerys.

This Picture Of The Media Reflected In Donald Trump's Eye Is As Beautiful As It Is Terrifying

"As a photographer he keeps you on your toes. He keeps you sharp."

Uma grife italiana está sendo acusada de copiar roupas de uma comunidade rural no Laos

"O desequilíbrio de poder aqui não poderia ser mais gritante — uma grife de moda internacional tirando proveito dos artesãos de minorias étnicas no sudeste rural da Ásia."

A White Woman's "Clean Chinese" Restaurant Is Drawing Backlash For Playing Into Racist Tropes

Chef Eddie Huang had quite a few colorful words for the founder, whose "OUTDOOR VOICES BAKED ORANGE CAULIFLOWER" he called "THE FYRE FEST OF FOOD."

Frota acusa ministros de Bolsonaro de calar sobre esquema para sangrar fundo bilionário

Deputado do PSL ataca Onyx e Osmar Terra e diz que banco estatal do Sul cobra taxa acima de mercado para gerir R$ 1,2 bilhão destinados a filmes. "São os mesmos 3% do petrolão (...) Tem muita gente fazendo festa", bateu o deputado, que é da base do governo.

Aqui estão todos os personagens de "Game of Thrones" listados pela chance de sobrevivência na última temporada

Se você acha que isto tem um final feliz, você não tem prestado atenção.

Kim Kardashian West Is Studying To Take The Bar Exam And Become A Lawyer

"The reading is what really gets me. It’s so time-consuming. The concepts I grasp in two seconds.”

Que Chiquitita você seria?

Mexe, mexe, mexe com as mãos!

Como você morreria em "Game of Thrones"?

Valar Morghulis, irmão. (Contém spoilers).

42 Things That'll Make Bravo Fans Say "Take My Money!"

“I cooked, I cleaned, I made it nice” —Dorinda, and us writing this article.

In “Us” And “Pet Sematary,” History Is The Scariest Thing Of All

In Jordan Peele’s new movie and the latest Stephen King adaptation, the real bump in the night might be decades of suppressed trauma. Spoilers ahead!

29 Things You Didn't Know You Could Get At The Home Depot

Because the home (depot) is where the heart is.

Turns Out Billie Eilish Hates Her Blue Hair And Has Been Trying To Get Rid Of It For Months

We chatted with the singer about her blue hair, Ariana Grande, and her upcoming Coachella set, all while playing with adorable puppies.

How Well Do You Know Your Mountains?

Do you even hike, bro?

16 Hilarious Reactions To The Black Hole Image

"Hole pics?? space is confirmed gay."

50 fatos que você nunca soube do elenco de "Game of Thrones"

Você sabia que a Emilia Clarke caiu do cavalo na sua primeira cena?

Spend A Paycheck At H&M And We'll Recommend A Rom-Com You Need To Watch

Shop to your heart's content and then we'll give you good content to watch.

28 Pieces Of Furniture You Can Get On MAJOR Sale During Way Day

We're talkin' big (no, HUGE!) savings at Wayfair, Joss & Main, AllModern, and Birch Lane!

Can You Guess The '00s Music Video From The Slightly Terrible Drawing?

Prepare to feel nostalgic and also a bit confused...

18 Cosas que se tenían que decir y se dijeron

Verdades universales que todos sabíamos, pero nadie se atrevía a confesar.

Sophie Turner Took Something From The "Game Of Thrones" Set And It's A Major Spoiler

"It's, like, a huge spoiler and I've just been carrying it around in my wallet."

70 países onde é literalmente ilegal ser gay

Estamos em 2019 e as pessoas ainda estão sendo presas por serem gays.

This Is The Hardest "Game Of Thrones" Character Quiz You'll Ever Take

“When you play a game of thrones you win or you die.”

Wayfair Is Having A GIANT Sale So You Can Actually Refresh Your Entire Home For Less

Need something new? Now's the time — these are their lowest prices of the year, up to 80% off!

MaxMara Allegedly Stole Designs From A Laotian Community For These Pricey Dresses

The Oma are a small community in Northern Laos known for their beautiful red and blue garments.

36 Cheap Things That'll Actually Help You Look More Put-Together

I really feel like now is when I stop wearing leggings every day. But we'll see.

A Library Had To Tell Disappointed Teens That Their Anti-Prom Event Will Have No "Snakes" — Just Snacks. There Was A Typo.

"There was a typo in a local paper that said we will have snakes. We will have snacks. Snacks is what we will have," the Pflugerville Public Library told community members.

Which Actor Played These Roles The Best?

It's time we take a poll.

Opinion: Facebook Needs To Crack Down On Hate Speech. So Does Mainstream Media.

The source of our hatred isn’t just Facebook walls or Twitter threads — it’s a real-life movement of racial incitement that thrives in traditional media.

25 Eco-Friendly Brands You Can Feel Good About Spending Your Money With

From backpacks made from billboards to biodegradable phone cases, these are businesses who truly care about the environment.

Quantas dessas promessas Bolsonaro cumpriu até agora?

13º salário do Bolsa Família, facilitar posse de armas, homeschooling... Esse teste leva menos de 60 segundos.

“Não vou me precipitar”, diz ministro da Defesa 3 dias após os 80 tiros contra músico no Rio

Ministro chamou caso de fato isolado, disse que incidente é “lamentável” e que precisa ser investigado.

The BuzzFeed iOS App Finally Has Dark Mode

In honor of the first ever picture of a black hole, we've finally released dark mode in the iOS app.

The New "American Horror Story" Theme Was Just Revealed And It's A Horror Movie Fan's Dream

On Wednesdays we wear black, and also reveal the new AHS theme.

Joe Dempsie, The Actor Who Plays Gendry On "Game Of Thrones," Hinted That His Character Will Reunite With Arya Stark

"I don't know if I can really say. I know a lot of people want Gendry and Arya to be reunited."

70 Países en los que LITERALMENTE es ilegal ser gay

Estamos en 2019 y SIGUEN arrestando a la gente por ser gay.

21 Inexpensive Products That’ll Make Your Wardrobe A Little Fiercer

It's time to make your wardrobe a little more FAB.

Only A Movie Genius Can Score 18/26 On This A–Z Screenshot Quiz

Is one frame enough for you to identify these iconic films?

Only A True Lady Gaga Fan Will Be Able To Score 20/50 On This Hit Singles Quiz

If you can name them all, you'll get a round of applause.

Es hora de decidir cuál es el estreno más esperado de abril: ¿'GOT' o 'Endgame'?

Los dos serán enormes, pero sólo uno saldrá victorioso. Te toca escoger.

A Burglar Hiding In An Oregon Bathroom Turned Out To Be...A Trapped Roomba

"We entered the bathroom and saw a very thorough vacuuming job being done by a Roomba vacuum cleaner."

Das Transsexuellengesetz ist so schlecht, dass trans Personen jetzt ein Gesetz nutzen, das gar nicht für sie gedacht war

„Es ist eine total absurde Situation entstanden, eine rechtliche Grauzone“, sagt die Politikerin Tessa Ganserer.

16 Jaw-Dropping Pictures From Inside Japan's Penis Festival

"A hundred thousand revelers come here to celebrate one thing: the male organ."

16 Recetas súper fáciles que puedes preparar con un plátano

Postres muy dulces, pero también comidas saladas y deliciosas.

Richard Madden Called Out His Own Nude Scenes For "Projecting A Very Unrealistic Body Image"

In a recent interview, Richard got brutally honest about "barely eating" and doing multiple daily workouts for certain roles.

Government Housing Tsar Roger Scruton Has Been Sacked For His Comments About Muslims

The Conservative writer and philosopher said in an interview with the New Statesman that there had been a "sudden invasion of huge tribes of Muslims from the Middle East".

Why People Love To Hate Kris Jenner, The OG "Momager"

The Kardashians have rebranded the meddling “stage mom” — but a new word can’t erase the very real conflicts of interest when managing your child’s career.

This Quiz Will Reveal Which "High School Musical" Character You Are

"I want the rest of my life to feel just like a high school musical."

Testamos as dicas mais famosas da internet para cozinhar ovos

Será que o que dá certo nas redes funciona mesmo na vida real?

30 Spring Dresses You Can Get On Amazon That You'll Actually Want To Wear

Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early — and fashionable — spring.

Facebook Showed Me My Data Is Everywhere And I Have Absolutely No Control Over It

A transparency tool on Facebook inadvertently provides a window into the confusing maze of companies you’ve never heard of who appear to have your data.

Here Is The First-Ever Image Of A Black Hole

The black hole has a mass 6.5 billion times that of the sun.

A Warner Bros. derrubou um vídeo do Trump que usava a música do "Cavaleiro das Trevas"

Logo após Trump postar o vídeo (em que ele aparece, entre outros, com Bolsonaro), as pessoas começaram a reparar que a trilha sonora era a do filme do Batman.

Oprah Has Only Gone And Teamed Up With Prince Bloomin' Harry For A Documentary Series About Mental Health

“I truly believe that good mental health – mental fitness – is the key to powerful leadership, productive communities and a purpose-driven self."

19 "Game Of Thrones" Theories And Questions That Will Make You Shout, "I Need To Know The Answer To These!"

Is Arya going to use Littlefinger's face to assassinate someone else?

All The Important Plot Points And Foreshadowing From "Game Of Thrones" Season 7

Catch up on Season 7 before the start of Season 8.

15 Job-Klischees, die so auf den Punkt sind, dass es wehtut

Welches Klischees gibt's über deinen Job?

Here's The First Full Trailer For Disney's Live-Action "Lion King"

We get a first look at Beyoncé's Nala and Chiwetel Ejiofor's Scar.

26 Stylish Spring Dresses That Actually Have Pockets

Yes, you read that right...POCKETS!!


Can Do(キャンドゥ)の「コントローラースタンド」は文字通りコントローラー型のスタンドで、スマホを装着すると持ちやすくなるっていうグッズ。これ、スマホゲームガチ勢の人にめっちゃオススメです!ゲームがめっちゃ捗りますよ〜!

19 "Bachelor In Paradise" Tweets That Are Way More Entertaining Than Tonight's Episode

Brittney drunkenly saying "what's happening?" at the rose ceremony was the biggest of moods.

Morning Update: Who Doesn't Love A Good Cry In The Morning

A record number of family apprehensions, the protests in Sudan, to catch a colleague. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, April 10.

Ariel Winter Asked Fans To Contribute To A Fund To Help Her Sick Cousin And People Are Dragging Her

Many people suggested Ariel should pay for the costs herself rather than asking fans for contributions.

Everyone Is A Character From "SKAM Austin" — Here's Yours

Are you Megan, Grace, Jo, Kelsey, or Zoya?

Kit Harington's April Fools' Prank On Rose Leslie Totally Backfired And The Story Is Hilarious

She really got her own back for that severed head in the fridge.


BuzzFeed の海外記事を英語と日本語でお届け!これはあり? なし?(英文の下に翻訳文あり)NBD (no big deal): 大したことじゃない strainer: 水切りざる well-placed:適切に取り付けられた





15 Husbands Who Are Aren't Exactly Nailing This Marriage Thing

They give "for better or for worse" a whole new meaning.









The Prime Minister Has Delayed Calling The Election And Everyone Seems To Have Gone Mad

Imagine what's going to happen when the campaigning actually begins.

Spreading Measles Is The Quickest Way To Get Cancelled. Please Check Your Vaccination History

There have been 92 cases of measles recorded in Australia so far this year.

炎症を長引かせないで!具体的なケアの方法をお伝えします ステロイドの塗り薬は、安全?危険?(後編)


Two Anti-Abortion Picketers Just Lost Their High Court Challenge

"A woman's decision whether or not to abort her pregnancy is not a political decision."


4月26日発売の『NYLON JAPAN』15周年記念号で、女性タレントとしては同誌初となる両面表紙を飾る。

33 Pictures That Are, And I Cannot Stress This Enough, NOT Of Penises

Probably safe for work. But honestly? I wouldn't risk it.

Warner Bros. Shut Down Trump’s 2020 Video For Using The “Dark Knight Rises” Score

After Trump posted the video on Twitter, people quickly began pointing out that the music is from Hans Zimmer's score for the Batman movie.

We Know What % Jake Peralta You Are

"I'm Detective Right-All-The-Time."

33 Spring Accessories That Are *SNEEZE* So Gorgeous

May your accessories game be as strong as all that pollen you're breathing.

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