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    15 Husbands Who Are Aren't Exactly Nailing This Marriage Thing

    They give "for better or for worse" a whole new meaning.

    1. This husband, who put his plate "away" after dinner:

    barbdittert / Via

    2. This husband, who played an April Fools' joke on his wife that probably didn't go over well:

    divorceproject / Via

    3. This husband, who used his wife's bra as a sleep mask:

    Kat211 / Via

    4. This husband, who ate the tops off all of the muffins:

    HapEGoLucky / Via

    5. This husband, who accidentally texted friends about his wife's waxing appointment:

    reddhot88 / Via

    6. And this husband, who wore this shirt while his wife was in labor...and somehow lived to tell the tale:

    Robin60062 / Via

    7. This husband, who got a little artistic on the sole of his wife's foot:

    ironandleadpodcast / Via

    8. This husband, who did the dishes...oh did he:

    joshbelt / Via

    9. This husband, who couldn't resist putting a message on the sequined pillows:

    ____DEADPOOL_______ / Via

    10. This husband, who tried to get his wife's tampons — he really tried:

    wheretheeffismyhandbook / Via

    11. This husband, who misunderstood his wife in a major way:

    Daniel Eslinger / Via Twitter: @RDODanielE

    12. This husband, who switched out the nativity's baby Jesus for someone a little older:

    phitter72 / Via

    13. This husband, who had one job:

    paowow / Via

    14. This husband, who isn't exactly Bobby Flay:

    Jack Palmer-White / Via Twitter: @jackpalmerwhite

    15. And this husband, whose fail was perhaps the worst of them all:

    burnedoutmoms / Via

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