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    FYI, 2019 Is Basically 2008

    Minus Obama.

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    First and foremost, Miley Cyrus has fully resurrected Hannah Montana from the dead.

    The Hannah Montana wig is basically attached to her head now.

    And she won't stop posting about it.


    The Jonas Brothers have reunited.

    Cindy Ord / Getty Images

    They have the first No. 1 single of their career.

    And in even more 2008 news, this year they also had the No. 1 song on Radio Disney.

    The Hills is coming back.


    And in perfect 2008 fashion, Stephanie Pratt is causing drama with her brother and Heidi. She recently called them the most toxic people she's ever met and wants to expose them for who they *really* are.

    High School Musical is being brought back as a TV show.


    Here's the new cast:


    Project Runway is going back to Bravo.


    People have horny yet conflicting feelings about Penn Badgley.


    It's confusing.

    I have a crush on joe?? from you?? Loved him in gossip girl, love him more now? wtf is wrong with me

    Speaking of Gossip Girl, Georgina and Blair Waldorf have reunited.

    The caption is even better.

    Demi, Selena, and Miley are all interacting on Instagram over a performance of "7 Things."

    This was Miley's caption.

    And here's the Selena/Demi/Miley interaction.


    Nick Jonas started commenting on Miley's #tbt posting too.


    And Miley commented back...


    Aly & AJ are back with new music.

    View this video on YouTube

    Last week, they released a new song called "Church."

    View this video on YouTube

    Avril Lavigne released an album this year.

    They're trying to reboot the Razr for $1,500.

    Abercrombie is doing well again.

    The Spice Girls are going on their second reunion tour.

    Mj Kim / Getty Images

    Their first reunion tour started in 2007. Their current reunion tour starts in May.

    Crocs are "in."

    And Paul Rudd has continued to look the same as he did in 2008, aka permanently looking 23.

    Bryan Bedder / Getty Images



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