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27 Things Americans Do In Movies That Make ZERO SENSE To Everyone Else


A few months ago we published a list of things people see in movies and TV that make zero sense to people who aren't American. Because these types of things are always funny to me, I found a whole new slew of things people find weird about Americans. Enjoy.


Do Americans actually refer to tissues as “Kleenex”? Like is it an actual thing or a movie thing?


Do Americans actually shout "Spring Break" when they're on Spring Break


Why do Americans on tv hand someone a gift and tell them what it is before they open it. Surprise ruined 😫


Why are Americans in movies/tv shows obsessed with hardwood floors?


Do Americans actually have school buses or is that shit just like in movies or summin?


idg why americans in tv shows say “that’s her!” or “that’s him!” when there’s a knock at the door. like how tf do u know


do americans actually have to climb ropes in P.E or is that just in like every movie ever???


do americans actually address their sister as ‘sis’ or is that just on TV because i physically cringe hearing it out loud


Do Americans actually call their fathers sir or is that just on TV? Cos it's fucking weird


do americans actually drink from those weird water fountains in schools


Do Americans actually have a huge spread of food on their tables for breakfast, like fruit, pancakes, coffee,waffles, toast, cereal etc or is that just movies? Because I stumble into the kitchen and grab a bowl of slightly stale Coco Pops and try to eat them with my tongue


do americans actually have take your daughter to work day? or is that just a tv show thing


do Americans actually have the audacity to climb on their beds with their shoes on or is it just something they do in the movies?


Do Americans actually measure distance in blocks or does that just happens in movies ?


Do Americans actually have to shout TAXI when they get a taxi or is that just in movies


Why do Americans in movies never get food poisoning? Why do they always have 'a bad reaction to some shell fish'. 🤷


btw do americans actually drink from those red solo cups? like do they exist?


do americans actually go on dates at 18 with people they haven’t met or is that just in the movies


do americans really throw house parties every friday night or when their parents aren't home? or is that just in the movies?


Ok, watching an old movie and I gotta ask: Why do Americans have blenders built into sinks? The idea terrified me as a kid. I think I remember a Gremlin getting put in one.


why do americans love chit-chatting at open parking lots? so it’s not just in movies huh. haha


Why do Americans in TV shows always seem to drink bottled water instead of just from the tap? Must get expensive.


Why do Americans on tv name their dogs Buster?? Like... what’s he busting??? 😭


why do Americans in TV shows always say "hey, listen" before they say anything serious?


Why do Americans love shrimp cocktail so much? I see it in so many TV shows/movies and I don't understand how it's appealing.


What is 'pink eye'? Why do Americans keep getting it on TV?


do americans actually eat pancakes for breakfast EVERY SINGLE DAY or is that just me watching too many tv shows?