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    Whether You're An Actor Or Not, These Career Gems From The Cast Of "Boomerang" Will Inspire You To Follow Your Dreams

    We chatted with the talented cast behind the hit BET series.

    There's no shortage of TV shows about young professionals chasing their dreams while also balancing love, family, and friendships. But what separates Boomerang from the rest is the series' unapologetic take on what it means to be young, gifted, and black in these modern times.

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    The season finale airs tonight on BET, but thankfully Boomerang will be back soon for a second season. Until then, let's get to know the talented cast a little bit better.

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    What was your first big "Aha!" moment as an actress?

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    Tetona Jackson (plays Simone): "My first big 'Aha!' moment was realizing that I had what it took to be in this industry. It happened during an acting class, when my teacher broke me down so bad that I just started crying right there on stage. And then the next week I came back, and I nailed it. That's when I learned to consider the notes that people give you, to stand up to rejection, and to push through and better yourself."

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    Brittany Inge (plays Crystal): "My first big 'Aha!' moment as an actress happened about six or seven years ago when I realized that I actually wanted to be an actress and that I had a gift. I always knew I was a storyteller, but I'd thought it was through singing. And so my big "Aha!" moment happened in Atlanta in an acting class when I realized that this is what I’m purposed to do. And then from there, I just studied and got to work."

    What was your first paid acting role?

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    Leland Martin (plays Ari): "It was in 2011. At the time, I'd been studying to be a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch. That's also when I got into acting, so I decided to transfer to Bank of America out here in New York City. I would work at night and do my auditions during the day. So, I'd only been acting for a couple of months, just taking classes and things of that nature, and next thing I know, I’m out in Alaska for a few weeks doing this film called Alaskaland, getting paid to play pretend. And I was like, 'Oh okay, I wanna do this' as opposed to that boring bank job I was doing."

    How was your first day on set?

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    Lala Milan (plays Tia): "My first day on set was my birthday, so it was a pretty big day. First, everyone on set surprised me. They had cake and books, because they know I like to read. I didn’t get an iPad or Apple products like RJ did, or whatever (laughs), but I was super excited for my reads. But seriously, everyone came together to celebrate my fricking birthday, so that was crazy. I went from being anxious and nervous, to being surprised, to being anxious and nervous again, so it was real emotional for me. But once we actually got into it, it was so fire just because I was thrilled to be there and I actually had my lines memorized. I was prepared. Ya girl was ready, you know what I mean?"

    Who was your first big industry role model?

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    RJ Walker (plays David): Not to diss to anybody, I don’t really have that many TV and film role models. But as for music, I looked up to Kanye, back in the day. And honestly, Jay-Z is huge to me because he was an artist first, then he became a mogul. And throughout the whole journey, he provided opportunities for other artists. I love that because I love acting, but I also love networking and community."

    What was your first big rejection as an actor?

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    Tequan Richmond (plays Bryson): "When I was 8-years-old, I worked on the show ER when George Clooney was on it. And I completely fucked up the entire time. I thought that was it...that I was never going to act again. But obviously that’s not the case. So I think my biggest rejection was failing to take notes from a director. I had a misunderstanding of the craft and wasn't taking it as seriously as I should have. That moment helped me learn how to take notes properly and adjust accordingly, and that changed my whole career."

    Catch the Boomerang season finale tonight, April 9, at 10PM EST on BET.

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