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    22 Products I Don't Understand How You've Lived Your Whole Life Without

    Seriously shook that you've survived this long without a colander spoon.

    1. A stunning swimsuit that actually fits perfectly, the one you've been dreaming about every summer in recorded memory. Well, it's here, it has 2,000 positive reviews, and costs less than $30.

    2. Affresh washing machine cleaning tablets, which over 3,000 reviewers swear by for keeping their washer in great shape. The best part? You only need to use one about once a month!

    3. An ingenious strainer spoon that's perfect for prepping and serving everything from pasta to greasy fried foods. Because we all know having to pull out and subsequently wash a colander is just ~draining~.

    4. A genius storage mirror to solve all your organization woes and streamline your morning routine — everything you need to get ready will be in one place. Then you can just close it and admire your handiwork!

    5. A collapsible Bluetooth keyboard for anyone whose whole life is on their iPad, and who needs to get stuff done quickly and on the go.

    6. Stila Stay All Day waterproof liquid eyeliner, the holy grail of eyeliner that's not only easy to apply, but actually stays the heck on. And you thought such a thing didn't exist!

    7. A stockpile of extra earring backs so you'll never be late for work after searching for one or sent into a panic if you lose one ever again. This generous kit has got your back.

    8. A top-rated antibacterial sex toy cleaner to keep some of your more *personal* possessions in their best possible shape for good, ~clean~ fun (well, at least clean in the sanitary sense...dirty in others 😉).

    9. The Hydro Flask, a super-insulated, double-walled, BPA-free beauty that'll make you wonder why you've put up with other water bottles' leaking, condensation, and being-hard-to-clean BS for so dang long.

    10. Silicone eyeglass grips here to save you from uncomfortable and slippery frames once and for all. From sunglasses to readers to everyday specs, they'll get all your eyewear to (*extremely '00s Jonas Brother's voice*) hoooooolddd on.

    11. Multitasking rosehip oil, a skincare superhero that's powered up with antioxidants and ready to take on the forces of evil...and by evil, I mean acne, scars, dryness, and basically every other skin struggle you can think of.

    12. A handy pair of five-blade herb scissors that over 1,000 reviewers swear by to speed up meal prep when things in the kitchen get ~dicey~.

    13. A special jewelry clasp designed just for layering necklaces without tangles or hassle.

    14. A blank canvas banner that's exactly the easy and cool display system every pin collector has been looking for. No more room on your totes and jean jackets? No problem.

    15. Shea Moisture African black soap, an oil-absorbing, exfoliating, and moisturizing bar made with shea butter that's basically a single-step, $6 solution to pretty much all of your skin woes.

    16. A clever charging dock that can organize and charge up to six devices at once, to eliminate cord clutter once and for all. Plus, each section has a divider that lights up while charging and shuts off to let you know your phone/tablet/whatever is all powered up! Now that's a bright idea.

    17. The ultimate ice cream scoop, which has a BPA-free rubber grip handle and a chisel tip. It has also got over 1,500 positive reviews and seems to be the tool of choice for true ice cream connoisseurs who are sick and tired of having to wait for their fave flavor to soften before they enjoy it.

    18. An amazing self-cleaning litterbox beloved by over 1,000 reviewers that'll have you wondering why you spent years of your life scooping gross cat litter yourself. It's time to ~cut the crap~ and buy this.

    19. A timeless trenchcoat that's really affordable considering it's a staple piece you'll wear your whole life.

    20. NYX Honey Dew Me Up primer, a luxe-yet-affordable formula made with gold flakes, honey, and collagen and designed to help your skin and makeup look as fab as possible. It's an easy way to help yourself get up and get ~glowing~ in the morning.

    21. Space-saving hanger hooks that are basically the Muggle equivalent of casting an Undetectable Extension Charm on your closet.

    22. And some OMG-worthy floral hi-top Vans to really kick your spring wardrobe into high (fashion) gear.

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