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17 Things Starbucks Baristas Would Reaaaaaally Like You To Stop Doing

They know you're trying to be slick when you ask for water at the handoff counter.

I think we all know THAT person at Starbucks who blocks the handoff counter while waiting on their order so no one else can get their drink. Or that person who yammers away on their phone WHILE ordering at the register. Hell, maybe you are that person, whether you’ve realized it or not.

Now, I’m sure you don’t wake up in the morning and think, “Hm, how can I be a jerk today?” but your baristas would seriously appreciate it if you were just a little more self-aware and avoided doing a few things that make their jobs harder. Like...

1. Adding a million customizations to your drink.

2. Pointing vaguely at an item in the pastry case and saying, "I want that."

3. Modifying your drink as your barista is making it.

4. Placing a super long order and getting annoyed when they ask you to repeat something.

5. Asking “Is that my drink?” when you know damn well you didn't order that coconut milk macchiato.

6. Asking for iced water at the handoff counter.

7. Not hearing your name called five times because you have headphones on.

8. Accidentally taking someone else's drink because you didn't read the freakin' name on the cup.

9. Or taking it out on the barista when someone else accidentally grabs yours.

10. Chit-chatting on the phone while ordering at the register.

11. Insisting they spell your name on the cup EXACTLY right.

12. Mumbling your order and promptly getting mad at the barista for not understanding you.

13. Reaching over the counter to grab a lid, straw, or utensils.

14. Not putting your straw wrappers or other trash in the trash can.

15. Waiting in a line and not knowing what you want when it's your turn to order.

16. Dumping your coffee in the trash to make room for milk.

17. Lying about having been waiting FOREVER for your drink when you really just ordered five minutes ago.

H/T: /r/Starbucks