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15 Starbucks Customers Who Should Be Embarrassed, But Def Aren't

“Trenta, no-foam, five-shot, half-caff, no-foam pumpkin spice latte, with no foam at 210 degrees.”

1. The person who ordered this "iced coffee," if you can even call it that:

2. "Ashley," who probably lied about her name because she's embarrassed:

3. This person who made their barista use THREE different artificial sweeteners:

4. This person who treated Starbucks like an all-you-can-eat buffet:

5. This customer who had the nerve to call this cold brew:

6. Whoever ordered this ICED doppio espresso with 20 SHOTS and NO ICE???

7. Wendy, the "excessive pumper":

8. "Brandon," who I'd like to shame publicly:

9. This person who ordered a pumpkin spice latte, but really just created their own drink:

10. This DIY-er:

11. This literal monster who should be blacklisted:

12. "Lin":

13. This person who gave their barista a fuckin' headache:

14. Whoever ordered THIS:

15. And this person, who should be required to make the drink themselves: