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Here's What JoJo Siwa's House Actually Looks Like

Get ready to feel poor and hungry (for candy).

JoJo Siwa is a 15-year-old multimillionaire. She has over 9 million subscribers on YouTube, a thriving music career, and sells A SHIT TON of stuff with her face on it at Walmart and Target. She is very rich.

Rich Fury / Getty Images

You can read a brief explainer about her here.

I was watching a video about her babysitting North West and couldn't help but notice how her house was like a rainbow glitter fantasy with her face all over it. It's *truly* something.

Josh Peck once did a house tour and said: "If you ever wanted to punish someone, you give them LSD or acid and lock them in this house."

Let's tour!


On the outside, it's just a typical house.

On the inside, it's JoJo's world.

When you walk in the door, you are greeted with some iconic JoJo couture.

She has giant portraits of herself with iconic sayings like "Hold The Drama" sprinkled throughout.

In her living room, there's a giant JoJo Siwa pillow.

A giant JoJo Siwa pillow.

Her dining room table has her face on it.

A table with her face on it.

The wall in the living room features a mural of JoJo, her brother Jayden, and her dog BowBow.

The mural even has JoJo's Instagram tag.

Here she is with a giant pack of Extra gum.

There are candy machines throughout.

Next to the candy machines, she has her own claw machine.

The kitchen has these cute little candy bows throughout.

And, yes, she has a nacho cheese machine.

Warm chips and hot nacho cheese. JoJo has it all!

Her pantry is literally stocked with candy and snacks.

More candy and snack dispensers!

This is her merch room. All of that stuff behind her is Jojo Siwa merch.

That is a piece of luggage that is also a scooter. She has everything!

When people come over, she gives them a bag and they can take whatever they want.

JoJo also has a giant room in her house with more of her merch called "The Warehouse."

ROWS AND ROWS of JoJo Siwa merch.

The staircase banisters are rainbow and lead up to her bedroom.

Her room has a "JoJo's Juice" step and repeat.

It's covered in her JoJo Siwa merch.

There's also a slide.

That is, like, 1/10th of her bow collection.

This is her car.

Inside it's bedazzled...

...and on the outside is a picture of her face.

And just in case you were wondering, this is what her house looks like at Christmas.

In conclusion, JoJo is a multimillionaire living in her own glitter sparkle version of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. She is living the dream, and we are all just very poor in boring, ugly houses without candy machines and our faces on giant pillows and tables.

The end.