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    My Sexual Orientation Is Michelle Pfeiffer Using Her Catwoman Whip On Instagram And Sarah Paulson Loving It

    I need a moment.

    Once upon a time ago, Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman caused my insides to feel all bubbly and thus, experience an early sexual awakening.

    And now It's clear that Michelle Pfeiffer using her Catwoman whip on Instagram and Sarah Paulson basically drooling over it is my sexual orientation.

    As you can see, in this post Michelle found ~the~ whip:

    And then this exchange happened:

    I don't care that this interaction is the most innocent thing ever and basically just a simple back and forth about nothing. In my head it is my gay dreams come to life and like, the early stages of a major plotline on the revival of The L Word.

    But that wasn't all!! After finding the whip, Michelle then actually used her whip. SHE WHIPPED!!

    And once again, Sarah Paulson commented...

    And then Michelle responded asking Sarah to be her sister cat:


    Basically, I'm not okay and all I'll be thinking about for the rest of the day/week/month is Michelle Pfeiffer and Sarah Paulson using whips and stuff. BYE.