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19 People Who Have Officially Given Up

Houston, we've lost control.

1. Every now and then, we as a society come across photographic proof that, well, we've lost sense of ourselves.

2. Somewhere along the way, we've drifted away from who we are...

3. And it becomes clearer that every day, people out there are being led astray...

4. They've lost all control:

5. All sense of moral decency:

6. They're unable to tell what's right and what's wrong...

7. And what's **very** wrong:

8. Every day, people are giving up:

9. They are surrendering themselves to the void:

10. And they're losing hope:

11. It's a scary thing to witness...

12. And I just feel like we as a society need to come together...

13. And save ourselves...

14. Before it's too late!

15. (It might be too late.)

16. It's just that, well, we never thought it would come to this:

17. And I think it's safe to say that these are dark times indeed:

18. And honestly? At this point, it might just be wiser to save yourself first...

19. Before we all just, well, give into the chaos.

This post was translated from German.