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    31 TV Moments That Completely Stressed People Out The First Time They Watched Them

    "I didn't realize I was holding my breath until the episode was over."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV episode is the most stressful. Here are some of our favorites:

    🚨Warning: Some major spoilers and slightly disturbing content ahead!🚨

    1. When the Rains of Castamere began playing and the Red Wedding took place on Game of Thrones.


    "No matter how many times I've watched the Red Wedding, a shiver of terror still goes down my spine when those doors close and Catelyn hears the musicians strike up the Rains of Castamere."


    2. When Jack was trapped inside the Pearson's burning house on This Is Us.


    "Everyone I was with knew Jack was going to die in this episode, but it was still a nail biter. Not knowing when or how he died was agonizing."


    3. When Sin Rosetro stole Mateo right after Jane gave birth on Jane the Virgin.

    The CW

    "I was holding my breath the entire time. I could not believe it happened!"


    4. When Buffy found Joyce dead at their house on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Warner Bros.

    "The episode showed how quickly a human becomes just 'a body' after death. I never realized prior to that episode how much having music and sound affected viewing, until there was no sound. It is by far the most upsetting hour of television I’ve ever seen even to this day."


    5. When Derek was shot during the hospital shooting on Grey's Anatomy.


    "When I watched it the first time, I sat on the edge of my seat. I literally had no idea who was going to make it out alive. Even all these years later, it still stresses me out watching it!"


    6. When the squad learned that Rosa was helping with an active shooter situation on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


    "The moment where the gang is listening to the radio and hearing numbers and names and they all hear Rosa over the radio and they all freeze gets me every time. The rest of the episode was so stressful because we didn't know if Rosa was okay."


    7. When Negan killed Abraham and then Glenn on The Walking Dead.


    "This episode was honestly so awful and difficult to watch. I literally walked out of the room just to swear out loud and weep without disturbing the rest of my family. I'll never be over Glenn's death."


    8. When the students were trapped inside during the school shooting on One Tree Hill.

    The CW

    "It's such a powerful episode, but I’m a nervous wreck the whole time. There’s just so much going on. Literally no one was safe. Not to mention it was such a huge turning point in the series because of Keith's death."


    9. The reveal that Wes was under the sheet on How to Get Away with Murder.


    "While every episode is stressful, in Season 3, when we learn Wes is under the sheet, was another level. I couldn't breath."


    10. When Lexa was accidentally shot and killed on The 100.

    The CW

    "The episode was great with Clarke and Lexa being together, but as soon as there was a gun involved I got super nervous. I feel like it’s important to mention I still cry over this episode three years later."


    11. When David was strapped to a bomb and framed on Bodyguard.


    "That was an hour and 15 minutes of pure on-the-edge-of-your-seat torment."


    12. When June didn't get in the car and escape Gilead on The Handmaid's Tale.


    "June could've escaped Gilead, but didn't! My blood boils just thinking about it!"


    13. When Chidi had to have his memories erased on The Good Place.


    "I spent the whole episode thinking that they would find a way around Chidi having to lose his memories, but it never happened. I was so stressed. The scene were he and Eleanor watch a video of how they fell in love during all the reboots destroyed me."


    14. When The Doctor, River Song, Amy, and Rory had to deal with the weeping angels on Doctor Who.

    BBC America

    "I can’t watch this episode without crying as soon as it starts playing. The whole thing has a sense of impending doom. It’s is so hard to watch."


    15. When Darius was stuck in Teddy Perkins's house on Atlanta.


    "From the moment Darius pulled up to that house, you could feel things slipping sideways. Then Teddy appears from the shadows like a ghoul and it's non-stop from then on. It's a great, weird-as-hell episode where the tension and surrealism keep building."


    16. When Bones and Hodgins were buried alive inside a car on Bones.


    "The entire episode is so stressful, but watching Booth see the dust from the underground explosion and furiously start digging for Bones and Hodgins gets me every time."


    17. When Jon and Ramsay fought for Winterfell in the "Battle of the Bastards" on Game of Thrones.


    "OMG, the cinematography during the battle scene had me grinding my teeth, with the way the soldiers were moving so quickly around Jon Snow. Then, when the bodies almost crushed him to death. I was so stressed."


    18. When Dr. Cox lost three patients after giving them infected organs on Scrubs.


    "The most stressful scene was when Dr. Cox tries to revive his kidney patient, but can't, and he ends up throwing the defibrillator. The tense scene with 'How to Save a Life' by the Fray gets me every time."


    19. When Waverly was trapped in the greenhouse with Jolene on Wynonna Earp.


    "The entire episode had me on the edge of my seat because we know who Jolene really is, but no one else does. The moment that had me on the floor was when Jolene is in the greenhouse trying to kill Waverly."


    20. When Brooke was trapped in the car and almost drowned on One Tree Hill.

    The CW

    "I ugly cried throughout the entire episode and for an hour afterwards. I didn't realize I was holding my breath until the episode was over."


    21. When Bobby was shot and struggling to stay alive on Supernatural.

    The CW

    "I really like this episode, but it’s the most emotional any death on the show has made me. I was so stressed throughout the whole thing while watching Bobby running around in his head. Also, the big confrontation scene at the end where Bobby says he adopted the boys gets me every time."


    22. When the girls were trapped inside A's dollhouse on Pretty Little Liars.


    "When the girls have to pretend that Mona is Ali, and literally have to act like dolls, I get chills just thinking about it. PLL did some crazy stuff, but this was next level."


    23. When Sophia suffered a heart attack on The Golden Girls.


    "Throughout the whole episode, I thought we were going to lose Sophia aka the best character in the show!"


    24. When Carter and Lucy were both stabbed by a patient on ER.


    "Even though I know what happens now, somehow I worry that they won’t be found and I get stressed all over again."


    25. When Jack and his gang kill Hank and find Walt and Jesse's hidden money on Breaking Bad.


    "My stomach was in knots for the first half of the episode while we saw what happens to Hank, Gomez, and Jesse, but then it gets even more stressful with Walt and his family. This episode was so good but definitely felt like torture watching."


    26. When Gemma killed Tara on Sons of Anarchy because she thought she was going to snitch on everyone.


    "Watching Gemma stab, drown, and kill Tara still gives me nightmares. It ruined me."


    27. When Violet was attacked and had her baby cut out of her on Private Practice.


    "After this episode aired, I was sick to my stomach for the rest of the night. I went back and rewatched the series years later, but couldn't watch that episode again."


    28. When Meredith had her hand on a bomb that was inside a patient on Grey's Anatomy.


    "I have never before been so anxious just by watching a TV show. I literally needed a nap afterwards; it was THAT much for me."


    29. When Adriana was taken into the woods and killed on The Sopranos.


    "Easily one of the most stressful episodes of TV ever. Just when you think Adriana might make it out alive, it's the end of the line for her."


    30. When the Crain family gathered for Nell's funeral on The Haunting of Hill House.


    "It's one of the best episodes of TV that I have watched in a long time. The long sweeping takes really build the tension and the episode flows beautifully. The setting of the funeral home and the open casket just created so much tension. I loved it."


    31. And finally, every single episode of You.


    "Literally most of the episodes are so stressful. I would tense up in fear watching."


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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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