Alex Aiono Had A Very Nerve-Racking Writing Session With John Legend And I Don't Know How He Survived

    I'd shrivel up and die.

    You probably know Alex Aiono from his MANY original mash-ups and covers on his YouTube channel, and if you don't, you're welcome:

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    In celebration of his new single "Her," we had Alex stop by BuzzFeed to talk about his firsts and learned about a VERY nerve-racking writing session he had with John Legend:

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    When we asked Alex about his first musical inspiration, he was quick to gush ALL about John Legend:

    Lucky for him, he actually got to collaborate and write with John for his song "Young and Foolish":

    However, before they wrote the song, Alex told us John made him sing a cover of one of his songs IN front of him, IN his house, ON his piano:

    Despite how daunting that all sounds, HE DID IT... but sadly, he didn't get to meet Chrissy. :(

    Can't get enough of Alex? Make sure give his new single "Her" a listen and subscribe to his YouTube channel!