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    17 Hilariously Awkward Signs That Weren't Proofread At All

    Basically it was type, type, type...IMMEDIATELY print.

    1. No, he doesn't! That's not what you mean!

    mischi3f_mel / Via

    2. If only you'd have run spell check.

    leedshill / Via

    3. Your goal is to sell food, right?

    betweenediting / Via

    4. Same with you guys?

    Columbusmanmedia / Via

    5. Oh, man, this was in a school, wasn't it?

    theotheralc / Via

    6. Uh, I know what you were going for, but... / Via sinisterzine

    7. Look, no one wants to have an existential crisis in a parking garage.

    betweenediting / Via

    8. Are you trying to kill your tenants?

    lezrudge / Via

    9. I know you don't want it to seem like you're giving away your students, but...

    hey_yo247 / Via

    10. Wait, this is worse.

    betweenediting / Via

    11. 😳😱😬😮🤭

    betweenediting / Via

    12. Flavors was a poor word choice, my friend.

    Betweenediting / Via

    13. Did no one see this was a problem?

    shawn_and_pam_nz / Via

    14. Ack! Do not buy!

    shawn_and_pam_nz / Via

    15. 'Merica!

    joshbensontv / Via

    16. Good lord, I know that's not what you meant.

    lucybutch / Via

    17. And I KNOW you didn't mean this! Who's in charge of the signs here?

    saltwaternative / Via

    In fact, who's in charge of ALL these signs?


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