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    17 Hilariously Awkward Signs That Weren't Proofread At All

    Basically it was type, type, type...IMMEDIATELY print.

    1. No, he doesn't! That's not what you mean!

    2. If only you'd have run spell check.

    3. Your goal is to sell food, right?

    4. Same with you guys?

    5. Oh, man, this was in a school, wasn't it?

    6. Uh, I know what you were going for, but...

    7. Look, no one wants to have an existential crisis in a parking garage.

    8. Are you trying to kill your tenants?

    9. I know you don't want it to seem like you're giving away your students, but...

    10. Wait, this is worse.

    11. 😳😱😬😮🤭

    12. Flavors was a poor word choice, my friend.

    13. Did no one see this was a problem?

    14. Ack! Do not buy!

    15. 'Merica!

    16. Good lord, I know that's not what you meant.

    17. And I KNOW you didn't mean this! Who's in charge of the signs here?

    In fact, who's in charge of ALL these signs?