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    15 Times "The Real Housewives" Perfectly Summed Up Life As A College Student

    "Be cool. Don't be all like, uncool."

    1. When your professor assigns 50 pages of reading, a 20-page paper, and 3 Blackboard discussions on the first day:

    2. When you see high school students complaining about their problems and wishing they were in college because it'll be "different":

    3. When you get assigned a group project and know you'll end up doing the entire thing by yourself:

    4. Coming to college after being warned about the "Freshman 15":

    5. When you're broke and thinking about that one jerk on campus who flaunts their money:

    6. When your parents come to visit you and complain about that one spot on the carpet you forgot to vacuum:

    7. When you show up to a party wearing the same shirt as the girl in your history class that you can't stand:

    8. When your best friend and her boyfriend of five years break up:

    9. When you're getting close to graduating and you start thinking you can do whatever you want:

    10. When you're in an argument with your friend and she calls you fake:

    11. When you look at the clock and it's 2 a.m. and you start thinking about that 8 a.m. class you have in the morning:

    12. When you pull an all-nighter to study for a final and walk into class the next day like:

    13. When your younger brother overhears you talking about how you smashed the other team in flip cup last night:

    14. When you run out of comebacks so you just start throwing the first insult that comes to your mind:

    15. And when your parents call to ask you how college is going:

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