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23 Pictures That Show Why You Should Never, EVER Have A Pitbull As A Pet

They're so, so scary.

1. Their smiles are the stuff of NIGHTMARES:

2. They're always getting in BRUTAL fights:

3. You absolutely CANNOT trust them (to not fall asleep) around kids:

4. I mean, this is some terrifying stuff:

5. They're way too fashionable:

6. I mean, how can you compete with this?

7. And they never take themselves seriously:

8. Like, can't they be serious for one second?!

9. They're always falling asleep:

10. And they're always sleeping in late:

11. They like hugs WAY TOO much:

12. They're vicious and angry 24/7:

13. They'll always show you up:

14. They're always ruining serious pictures:

15. They have way too many friends:

16. So that means they'll always steal your spot at the tea party:

17. Did I mention how dirty they are?

18. They're constantly snacking:

19. They take up all the space on the couch:

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20. They're a bit judgmental:

21. They're so cute as puppies that you’ll never get anything done with them around:

22. I mean, just look at how scary this little fella is:

23. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Basically, they're TERRIFYING. Who would ever want one?