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    Here's What Jon Snow Might Do About Daenerys On "Game Of Thrones"

    Could we see another dance of dragons? Warning: This post contains spoilers.

    Season 8, Episode 1 of Game of Thrones featured something fans have been waiting a long time for (other than those reunions, and Jon dragon-riding, I mean). Jon finally learned the truth about who his parents are.


    He's 😭 never 😭 been 😭 a 😭 bastard 😭.

    Not only did he learn that Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark are his true parents, and he's a legitimate Targaryen named Aegon, but Sam also pressured him into taking the crown from Daenerys.


    It was A LOT for poor Jon to take in (even without the extra layer of the realization he's banging his aunt thrown on top). The scene ended before we got a good grasp of Jon's reaction beyond Shook™️, which begs the question: What will he do with the news?

    Well, he is in love with Daenerys, which...complicates things.


    To be fair, he fell in love with her before he knew a) that they're related and b) that she executed Sam's father and brother.

    On the latter point, although he's sorry for Sam, I don't think the execution will impact too greatly on his opinion of Dany. As he pointed out to Sam, he executed men for not following his orders in the past. Executing men for betraying their oaths (which the Tarlys did from Daenerys's point of view) is within the framework of Jon's moral code.

    The aunt thing, on the other hand...

    It seems likely the revelation will cause Jon to pull away from Dany — if for no other reason than he needs to sort his own feelings out. But does that mean he'll betray her?


    Jon has repeatedly said he never wanted to be King in the North...but he also called it the "great honour of [his] life." He's not interested in power for power's sake, though. Gone are the days when all he cared about was glory. He's had his taste of glory. It killed him.

    Now, all he cares about is the safety of his people. If he believes turning against Dany would do that, well, he might be tempted. But he stressed throughout Season 7, and again in the Season 8 premiere, how much the North needs Dany and her army (and her dragons) to fight the White Walkers.

    Plus, Jon bent the knee not just because he's in love with Daenerys, as Sansa thinks, but also because he truly thinks she'll make a good queen.


    One or two executions surely won't change his opinion of that entirely. After all, he's witnessed Dany risk her life and her dragons to save people, and he's seen her abandon her fight for the Iron Throne (for now) in order to fight for the North. Those things count for something, even if the rest of the North isn't great at recognizing it.

    Perhaps, in the end, Jon will see a union between himself and Dany as the best bet for his kingdom (not to mention his heart). An added factor in all this is the idea that Dany is very likely going to be pregnant with his baby, if all the foreshadowing in Season 7 is anything to go by.

    An even bigger complication is that, oh yeah, THE NIGHT KING AND HIS ZOMBIE ARMY ARE COMING.


    This, above all else, is Jon's priority. And we know from the Season 8, Episode 2 trailer that a good portion of the episode will be preparing for the impending attack.

    I predict Jon will put a pin in his identity crisis for now (perhaps he won't even share the news with Dany or anyone else yet?) and that, if any of them survive the Battle of Winterfell, they'll deal with it then.

    At the end of the day, I don't think Jon will turn on Dany. Not willingly, anyway. There is the theory that he might need to kill her in order to fulfil the Azor Ahai prophecy and defeat the Night King, though. Which seems more likely than him trying to snatch her crown.

    As for how Dany will react to the news about Jon (if she does learn it) — she could feel threatened. Especially because her whole life has been defined by the desire for power, and specifically her quest for the Iron Throne.


    But remember, all Dany wanted at the beginning was home. She's been driven by what she thinks is her birthright to the throne, but she also never thought she'd love or have children again. That's potentially going to happen now.

    She was also raised believing she would probably grow up to marry her brother. The incest thing likely won't bother her. In fact, it could even work in Jon's favour — rather than being alone in the world, she has family now. The future of her house is no longer in doubt. Rather than seeing Jon as threatening her crown, she may welcome uniting with him and ruling together.

    Of course, this all depends on them surviving THE NIGHT KING AND HIS ZOMBIE ARMY.

    Imagine trying to keep an entire country safe from a pending zombie attack while they’re all busy fighting over a chair

    Which...probably won't happen.

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