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    This "Game Of Thrones" Theory Is Probably The Most Important One

    Spoilers if you're behind on the show.

    In Episode 3, Season 6 of Game of Thrones, one of the first things Melisandre says to the new(re)born Jon Snow is that he is probably the prince that was promised.

    She had previously believed Stannis was ~the one~, which was one of the reasons she was so disillusioned by his failure at the end of last season.

    If you're a show-only fan, it may be easy to miss the significance of this plotline: Many book fans believe the "prince that was promised" is going to be the central figure by the end of the series.


    Several characters talk about the prophecy of "the prince that was promised" in the books, and Melisandre also uses the name Azor Ahai in connection with it. While some fans believe these are two separate prophecies, there's a lot of overlap and it makes sense that they're about the same hero.

    Basically, Azor Ahai is a mythical figure in Melisandre's religion. He's said to be a great hero who fought against the darkness with a flaming sword called Lightbringer, which he forged by piercing the heart of his true love, Nissa Nissa.

    According to prophecy, he will be reborn after a long summer, when an evil darkness spreads over the world. This is obviously significant to the current events in Westeros, what with WINTER and the GIANT FREAKING ICE ZOMBIES ready to unleash themselves on the Seven Kingdoms. Many believe the prince that was promised/Azor Ahai is the key to defeating them. Rhaegar Targaryen also says "his is the song of ice and fire" aka the name of the whole damn book series. So, you know, pretty important.

    The prophesied signs of the prince that was promised include:

    * They are the blood of the dragon (and some believe, more specifically, a descendant of Aerys II and Rhaella Targaryen).

    * Born amidst smoke and salt.

    * Born beneath a bleeding star.

    * Will wake dragons out of stone.

    * Will draw Lightbringer from the flames.

    * Will possibly have to make a sacrifice.

    Now, there is an Azor Ahai theory about pretty much every character in the series, but the two strongest candidates are by far Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.


    Let's look at the evidence, shall we?

    Blood of the dragon:

    Dany is the daughter of Aerys II and Rhaella, so she's got this covered.

    If the R+L=J theory proves to be true (and there's a VERY good chance it will), Jon Snow is their grandson through Rhaegar. So he also fits.

    Born amidst smoke and salt:


    Dany was born on the island of Dragonstone, surrounded by salt water, and reborn in fire when she woke her dragons.

    Jon's connection here is a little more tenuous – we don't know the full details of his birth (yet!), but some interpret it as his death and rebirth. The tears from some of the Night's Watch at his death are suggested to represent salt, while the flame used in his resurrection could be the smoke.

    Born beneath a bleeding star:


    A red comet or "bleeding star" appeared after Dany's "rebirth" with her dragons.

    There's not a lot to connect Jon to any bleeding stars – especially in the show (for book Jon it may involve the bloody heraldry of a character called Ser Patrek – but that doesn't exist in the show). If he is the prince that was promised, his bleeding star is probably yet to be seen.

    Will wake dragons out of stone:


    I mean, Dany literally does this, no metaphors about it.

    People who are still backing Jon Snow to be Azor Ahai think he may have some connection to Dany's dragons – or he may wake an ice dragon from inside the Wall.

    Draw Lightbringer from the flames:


    Some argue that Lightbringer is a metaphor and not a literal sword – and that Dany's dragons, born in flames, are her Lightbringer.

    Jon, on the other hand, has a pretty wicked sword made of Valyrian steel – one that he was given after saving Lord Commander Mormont from a wight with fire.

    Make a sacrifice:


    Both Dany and Jon inadvertently played a part in the deaths of their ~true loves~.

    So there you have it: There's strong evidence that both Dany and Jon are the prince that was promised – although the evidence so far seems to weigh more in Dany's favour.


    But this is Game of Thrones, so that could actually mean she WON'T be Azor Ahai. Some fans theorise both Jon and Dany are somehow Azor Ahai (he is ice and she is fire in the song of ice and fire). Others think only one of them is, while the other is the prince that was promised (if the prophecies are indeed about two different heroes). The prophecy is also connected to the idea that "the dragon has three heads", suggesting whoever the prince that was promised is, they will have two helpers by their side – so if either of these two isn't the ~chosen one~, they will likely still play a key role.

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