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21 "Overheard" Gay Conversations That Are Guaranteed To Make You Gay Cackle

"I fell asleep with my Grindr open. There should be an alert like Netflix... 'Are you still looking?'"

Of the many superpowers gay people are born with, eavesdropping is hands down my favorite — I truly live for the [*Gaga singing "Applause" voice*] D-R-A-M-A and laughs.

That's exactly why I can't get enough of Overheard at a Gay Bar, a hilarious Instagram account dedicated to the dark art of eavesdropping. Here are some of its greatest hits:

1. Summer is a confusing time for us:

2. We're always so sure we'll make it to brunch:

3. Why isn't this a thing?

4. Weekends are magical for more than one reason:

5. Some things just don't add up:


7. Sometimes we can be a bit dramatic:

8. Did I say "a bit"? I meant really dramatic:

9. This true:

10. We've all made this "mistake" before:

11. There's the occasional generational divide:

12. But that's more the exception than the rule:

13. And the divide never seems to last anyway:

14. At least they're being honest:

15. Gay culture is never being on time...

16. ...and never remembering people's names:

17. This is a non-starter:

18. This is too real:

19. At least there's this distraction:

20. It's not too late to start doing this:

21. And finally, you know what they say about loving yourself:

What's the funniest gay conversation you've overheard? Let us know down below! And check out Overheard at a Gay Bar for more!