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    I Can't Stop Laughing At How This "Game Of Thrones" Moment Has Been Turned Into A Meme

    Honestly, the memes have been the best part of this season.

    🚨 FIRST AND FINAL WARNING: There are slight spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk! 🚨

    OK, so if you watched Season 8, Episode 2 of Game of Thrones this week, you probably know that Sansa and Daenerys had a heart-to-heart where they tried to put their differences aside.

    The conversation started off well. Daenerys talked about her love for and trust in Jon, and there was even a reference to Khal Drogo.

    But it quickly turned sour once Sansa let Daenerys know about where the North's loyalties would lie once the battle is over.

    Pushing that tension aside, there was a hilarious moment where Dany did this adorable, squinty smile. And of course it got turned into an A+ meme, so here are some of the best ones.


    Per my last email face


    this how white people smile at all minorities


    How I smile at aunties when they’re trying to make me marry their sons 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃


    “....and you may need to work some weekends too depending on your workload” Me during an interview:


    someone : "that’s my baby! isn’t he cute?" me : "mhm"


    I’d like to speak with your supervisor.


    "And I don't think my father -- the inventor of Toaster Strudel -- would be too pleased to hear about this."


    Me: "I'm sorry we don't have that item in stock" Customer: "Can you check in the back for me?" Me:


    When an item doesn’t scan and the customer says ‘oooh does that mean it’s free?’


    'so if you could just turn the music down a little'


    Them: I don’t understand. Why are you single?! Me knowing I’m crazy:


    This is exactly the look yo girl give yo female friends when she first meet them


    "I'm so sorry, I'm bad with names"


    When Grandad's talking Brexit


    how my mom smiles at me when she wants to beat my ass in public

    If there's one thing that will get me through this season, it's the memes. So keep them coming!

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