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    37 Horrible TV Moments That Actually Caused People To Stop Watching The Show

    "It was so ridiculous that Fitz would wage war to save Olivia on Scandal."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV moment caused them to stop watching a show. Here are some of our favorites:

    🚨Warning: Some major spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. First, when Michael left Scranton to be with Holly on The Office.


    "I couldn't bring myself to watch the show after Micheal left. Even when I rewatch it now, I still stop after he leaves with Holly."


    2. On Friday Night Lights, when Landry killed someone, but it was never addressed again.


    "When Landry killed the man who assaulted Tyra and then the duo dumped his body and covered up the crime. It was such a random plot line that didn’t really go anywhere. I always skip those episodes when rewatching."


    3. On Shameless, when Mickey had to flee the country and it basically caused him and Ian to breakup for no reason.


    "When Mickey left and had to say goodbye to Ian, it kind of ruined the show for me. They were so cute!"


    4. On Grey's Anatomy, when Izzie had sex with Denny's ghost after her brain tumor caused her to hallucinate him.


    "The ghost sex storyline in Season 5 was just too much! Izzie’s a doctor and she’s not supposed to think it’s alarming that she’s having sex with a ghost!"


    5. When Lexa was killed by a stray bullet on The 100.

    The CW

    "Clarke and Lexa's relationship was the first time I felt represented on TV. Lexa was important to the LGBT community and her death was written in a terrible way. Her death still hurts me to this day and I can truthfully say that I haven't watched an episode since Season 3, Episode 7."


    6. When Barry Allen didn't learn his lesson and continued to mess up the timeline on The Flash.

    The CW

    "When Barry Allen went back in time a whole bunch of times to 'fix' everything but ended up making it worse. I pretty much gave up after he literally changed Diggle's daughter Sara into a son named John."


    7. After the Tenth Doctor regenerated on Doctor Who.

    BBC America

    "After David Tennant left Doctor Who I couldn't continue watching. I tried watching Matt Smith's version of The Doctor, but it just wasn't the same. Tennant will always be my favorite."


    8. When Luke and Lorelai broke up and she immediately went and slept with Christoper on Gilmore Girls.

    Warner Bros.

    "I'll never be over Lorelai getting angry at Luke and immediately running to Christopher. And on top of that, she went and married Chris later on! I still haven't watched the entire last season of Gilmore Girls because of it."


    9. After Elliot Stabler left Law and Order: SVU.


    "After Christopher Meloni left I tried to keep watching, but it just wasn't the same. The entire show started to focus on Olivia Benson and her kid drama and I wasn't interested anymore."


    10. When Charlie was trapped underwater during the iconic "not Penny's boat" scene on Lost.


    "I was so upset after watching Charlie drown on Lost that I quit watching. And it was all for nothing because it wasn’t even Penny’s boat!"


    11. When Negan killed Glenn for basically no reason on The Walking Dead.


    "I know it happens in the comics, but Glenn was the heart of the show and losing him was a big mistake. I almost quit earlier in the show when they made it look like he was dead for several episodes, but I stuck it out. I was so happy when they brought him back, only to have my heart ripped out half a season later. I never watched another episode."


    12. When Jessica Pearson was forced to leave Pearson, Specter, and Litt on Suits.


    "After Season 6, I feel like the show should've ended. Jessica Pearson was so important and once she was gone I just gave up."


    13. When Betty did a sexy dance at a bar on Riverdale.

    The CW

    "When Betty did the 'serpent dance,' which basically meant a 16-year-old stripped to a cringeworthy cover of 'Mad World' in a room full of middle-aged men and her mom. I couldn't watch anymore."


    14. When Poussey was killed for no reason on Orange Is the New Black.


    "She was the only character I truly cared about and I was genuinely shocked when she died. I couldn’t bring myself to continue the series."


    15. On Scandal, when Olivia was kidnapped and then Fitz went to war in order to get her back.


    "It was so ridiculous that POTUS would wage war to save his mistress. I didn’t think the show could ever redeem itself, so I stopped watching."


    16. When Spike assaulted Buffy after she explicitly said she didn't want to sleep with him again on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Warner Bros.

    "I love the show, but I stopped watching for years after Spike assaulted Buffy, especially when it was basically used as a plot device in order to give Spike a soul again. It's also the same episode that Tara was shot in, so not good ALL AROUND."


    17. When basically the entire Stark family was brutally murdered during the Red Wedding on Game of Thrones.


    "I took all of the deaths in this episode so hard. I stopped watching for several seasons and only now have I considered picking it back up."


    18. When 13 Reasons Why graphically showed how Hannah killed herself.


    "It was completely unnecessary to show Hannah's death. Viewers would've understood how severe the situation was without it. I couldn't watch the show after that."


    19. When Cristina decided to leave Grey-Sloan Memorial and Meredith on Grey's Anatomy.


    "I stopped watching after Cristina left because I felt like she completed Meredith's character. With her gone, the show just didn't feel the same."


    20. When The Vampire Diaries decided to introduce a cure for vampirism.

    The CW

    "I quit The Vampire Diaries after there was suddenly a way to cure the vampires. I liked that Elena was a vampire and felt kind of cheated knowing that she was probably going to take the cure eventually."


    21. On How I Met Your Mother, when Barney and Robin got divorced after we spent an entire season watching their wedding.


    "I know they split up for good in the last episode, but I have never been able to rewatch the show because of it. The entire last season centered on Barney and Robin's wedding and it was all for nothing. I hated it."


    22. When Laurel was killed by Damien Darhk on Arrow.


    "I kind of keep up on the show now, but I haven't really watched since the original Laurel died. I always thought her and Oliver should end up together, so once that hope was lost, I gave up."


    23. On One Tree Hill, when Lucas and Peyton moved away from Tree Hill.

    The CW

    "When Lucas and Peyton left Tree Hill at the end of Season 6, I was done with the show. I wasn't even a big fan of Lucas and Peyton together, but they were so important to the show overall. I was done once they left."


    24. On Heroes, when they decided to focus on a carnival troupe during the final season.


    "Season 4 of Heroes was completely unwatchable, mainly because I just did not care about the new characters or the carnival storyline. It was even worse that the show was cancelled after this season."


    25. Once they decided to completely stray from the books on Pretty Little Liars.


    "After Season 1 I stopped watching PLL because it was clearly not going to follow the books. I mean, Toby literally died in the second book but he stuck around for the entire series."


    26. When Derek was killed on Grey's Anatomy.


    "I haven't watched the show since Derek's death. There have been a lot of deaths on Grey's Anatomy, but I couldn't bounce back from this one. Derek meant so much to the show and Meredith, it just seemed wrong continuing without him."


    27. When Dexter cheated on Rita with Lila on Dexter.


    "Dexter is my favorite show of all time, however, when Dexter cheated on Rita with Lila I stopped watching for months. I've since watched the entire series, but that moment was tough to get over."


    28. When Rayna died on Nashville.


    "After Rayna died I tried to keep watching but I was pretty disappointed week after week. Eventually I gave up all together."


    29. When Carl tragically died after being bitten by a walker on The Walking Dead.


    "In the comics, Carl is such an important character and an obvious nod to a better future, so his death made no sense. I can let deviations from source material slide, but this just completely ruined the entire idea of the show for me. They killed him off in a dumb way and I had to stop watching."


    30. On Sons of Anarchy, when Tara was killed basically to give Jax a good storyline.


    "Tara became so important on the show that it became pretty obvious that she was going to die in order to jump start Jax's story again. I will never be over it and I actually never finished the series because of it."


    31. On Empire, when Luscious woke up from his come and lost his memory.


    "I was so done with Empire after this."


    32. When Hayley was killed during the final season of The Originals.

    The CW

    "I know it happened close to the end of The Originals, but I gave up on the show once Hayley died. She was my favorite character."


    33. On How to Get Away With Murder, when Wes was revealed as the body.


    "Wes was the heart of the show, so I just couldn't get over the fact that they killed him."


    34. When Eric decided to leave Point Place on That '70s Show.


    "I think the show should've ended once Eric decided to leave. The last season just didn't work without him and once I realized that I quit the show."


    35. When Matthew and Sybil died in the same season of Downton Abbey.


    "The fact that they killed Sybil and Matthew in the same season was something I could never get over. Once they killed Matthew in the last 30 seconds of a season finale, it was the final straw for me."


    36. When Sookie escaped the fairy world on True Blood.


    "When Sookie escaped from the fairy world while they were throwing fireballs after her, I was done. It was the most ridiculous thing I had ever seen. Season 1 was so good, it's mind-boggling how fast it went downhill after that."


    37. And finally, when Scrubs didn't end with Season 8 and came back with one more season.


    "For me, the way Season 8 ended was the perfect way to wrap up the show, but then they decided to make Season 9. They went from working in a hospital to teaching med students and it was boring compared to the other eight seasons."


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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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