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What Did You Buy For Your Dorm That Was Actually Surprisingly Useful?

We want your recommendations!

What did you buy for your dorm that was incredibly useful or tbh just great to have the whole time you lived there? And why was it the best?

GoPop /

Maybe it was something simple, like a dry-erase wall calendar that keeps/kept you on top of everything from mixers to meetings to major exams.

Get this one on Amazon for $13.65.

Or a mini-vacuum cleaner that let you pick up little messes with basically zero effort, like that time you knocked over your roommate's cactus, and that other time you decided to try crafting and ended up with little bits of construction paper all over the floor.

You don't think it'll be THAT useful...until suddenly it is. Get one on Amazon for $57.67.

Maybe it was something that seemed impractical at the time but ended up being useful AF, like stacked hangers that let you fit SO many more clothes in your tiny closet.

Get the shirt hanger for $5.99 and the skirt hanger for $7.49, both at The Container Store.

Or maybe it was something fun, like a cozy butterfly chair that stowed away neatly but was a nice break from your desk chair and your bed.

This one's $29 at Walmart.

Or a huge tapestry that simply made you feel happy and relaxed every time you looked at it.

Get this one on Amazon for $8.50 (it's 90 inches x 54 inches).

Or something for your bathroom, whether you trekked to one down the hall, split one between four suite-mates, or had some other situation.

Get this caddy on Amazon for $7.99.

Or something else entirely — we want to know! Tell us about the best or most useful thing you bought for your dorm and *why* it was worth the money, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!