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    19 Questions I Have After Watching The Latest "Game Of Thrones" Episode

    If they cut off Bran's marked arm, would the Night King still be able to see him?

    1. What happened between the time Jaime arrived at Winterfell and this council meeting?

    2. Did Bran question if there was an afterwards for JAIME, or for ANYONE?

    3. What's the plan with this collapsing bridge — will they dump fire onto the wights that get stuck in it?

    4. Where do they keep the Great Hall's tables and chairs when they're not in use?

    5. Who's taking care of baby Sam while Gilly is guiding women and children below the crypt and Sam is with the council/off being Sam?

    6. If they cut off Bran's marked arm, would the Night King still be able to see him?

    7. The Mormont sigil was placed in the middle of Winterfell during battle plan talks — I guess symbolizing Lyanna being in the crypt. Is THIS what sparked that argument between Jorah and Lyanna later? LOL.

    8. And why wouldn't Lyanna Mormont say something while they were discussing battle plans, then? She was there!

    9. How come Tyrion is the only person curious about hearing Bran's story of how/why he became the Three-Eyed Raven?

    10. Where's Ghost been hiding out up until now?

    11. he standing on some kind of apple box here?

    12. What exactly are these huge scars on Arya's body from?

    13. Did Arya and Gendry get burlap sack burn?

    14. Is this maybe why Arya looks so unimpressed afterwards?

    15. Will someone tell a maester, or at least someone who can make a historical record, about Brienne becoming the first woman knight in Westeros????

    16. Why the fuck hasn't Pod sung before? He's great!

    17. Are the candles in Winterfell's crypt ALWAYS lit? Whose job is it to maintain them?

    18. Shouldn't Jon be more upset about finding out he's banging his aunt?

    19. And finally, won't a lot of people (i.e. Tormund, Davos, Tyrion, Pod, Jaime...) be kinda drunk once the battle starts?

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