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    24 Questions I Have After Watching "Game Of Thrones" Season 8, Episode 1

    Did Cersei have sex with Euron just to cover up the fact she's already pregnant with another incest baby?

    1. How long did it take for ALL those Dothraki and Unsullied soldiers to get through that one small gate?


    Honestly. Did the Winter Town people have to just stand there for like 12 hours?

    2. Who's watching the boats that Dany, Jon, and the Unsullied sailed north with?

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / HBO

    Not the Dothraki (they took the King's Road to get to Winterfell), and not the Unsullied. Who is at White Harbor keeping an eye on things??

    3. How come only Tyrion and Varys got to ride in a carriage?


    Seems kinda unfair.

    4. The dragons move A LOT faster than the army, who are on foot, so like...are they just circling back and forth?


    Or just like flying ahead, landing, resting, and getting back up again? And certainly people across the North have been seeing them along the journey.

    5. Who is making Dany's FABULOUS winter coats?


    Honestly, does she just have a fancy coat-maker in her camp — since she's not a Northerner, did she have to hire someone special for this job?

    6. And WHAT are her coats made of?

    u/brocklesnarisapussy / Via

    Is it someone's job to go off hunting fox/rabbit/idk what to make her coats all the time?

    7. Why does Sansa HATE Daenerys with so much intensity?


    I can understand her being a little cautious, but to have full-on dagger eyes for her seems a little unwarranted?! Yes, she wants Jon to be King, but certainly she should support him and what he wants?

    8. OK, but really, how WILL they feed all the armies AND the dragons?!

    [Sansa Stark doing her best to feed an army and 2 dragons]

    Poor Sansa.

    9. Why didn't Arya just tell Jon, "Heck yeah I've used Needle, and like, A LOT!"?


    TBH, I think he would've been proud?

    10. Who is taking care of the elephants the Golden Company left behind?


    Did they just...leave them behind in Essos? Did they free them? Also...there are ELEPHANTS?!?!

    11. And why did Cersei want those elephants SO badly, btw? She's brought it up TWICE now.


    This is the first we're hearing about them, what was the plan Cersei????

    12. Did Cersei have sex with Euron just to cover up the fact she's already pregnant with another incest baby?


    Although, she wasn't exactly hiding the fact that she was boning Jaime last season.

    13. How did Theon know which boat Yara was on?


    It was PITCH BLACK out. And how did they sneak on without ANYONE noticing? I mean, even a little boat will make noise???

    14. Aren't Varys, Tyrion, and Ser Davos's heads cold?


    They have a decent amount of layers on, but their heads??? Someone please give them hats.

    15. What are Jon and Dany doing just awkwardly chit-chatting by the army's campsite?


    Maybe take your PDA inside while your army and men are hard at work digging ditches, pitching tents, and rolling wheelbarrows?

    16. What, specifically, don't the dragons like about the north?


    Is it just the cold in general, or do they not like their choice of goat and sheep?

    17. Why did Daenerys think Jon could ride Rhaegal so easily? Certainly she knows only Targaryens can "ride" dragons...and she doesn't know he's a Targaryen yet???



    18. LOL, WHAT was Drogon thinking here though?


    Was he like, "You know that's your aunt?" Or was he more like, "If you hurt her, I will kill you?" OR, ORRRR was he like, "I don't like this!"

    19. Why would Sansa joke that Daenerys was "much prettier" than her father? Certainly she never saw the Mad King IRL???


    I get that it's a joke, but that's just a weird line and I don't like this "petty" Sansa this season!

    20. Why did Sam (and Bran) wait so long to tell Jon about who his real parents are?


    Shouldn't they have made that like the FIRST thing they told him when he returned to Wintefell???

    21. How exactly does Beric light his fire sword?


    Is it from his blood (cutting his hand) or is it just Lord of Light magic? Either way, it's pretty awesome.

    22. How does Beric know that this symbol is a "message" from the Night King?


    Has he seen the spiral symbol before? And does he KNOW what the message is other than, like, "I'm coming for ya!"???

    23. How was Jaime able to get into Winterfell without being stopped by the guards?


    Arya was stopped by the guards last season and they didn't believe who she was!! Have they fired those guards since?

    24. And finally, will Bran ever get to leave the courtyard?


    You guys, he spent the ENTIRE episode there...

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