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    24 Questions I Have After Watching "Game Of Thrones" Season 8, Episode 1

    Did Cersei have sex with Euron just to cover up the fact she's already pregnant with another incest baby?

    1. How long did it take for ALL those Dothraki and Unsullied soldiers to get through that one small gate?

    2. Who's watching the boats that Dany, Jon, and the Unsullied sailed north with?

    3. How come only Tyrion and Varys got to ride in a carriage?

    4. The dragons move A LOT faster than the army, who are on foot, so like...are they just circling back and forth?

    5. Who is making Dany's FABULOUS winter coats?

    6. And WHAT are her coats made of?

    7. Why does Sansa HATE Daenerys with so much intensity?

    8. OK, but really, how WILL they feed all the armies AND the dragons?!

    [Sansa Stark doing her best to feed an army and 2 dragons]

    Poor Sansa.

    9. Why didn't Arya just tell Jon, "Heck yeah I've used Needle, and like, A LOT!"?

    10. Who is taking care of the elephants the Golden Company left behind?

    11. And why did Cersei want those elephants SO badly, btw? She's brought it up TWICE now.

    12. Did Cersei have sex with Euron just to cover up the fact she's already pregnant with another incest baby?

    13. How did Theon know which boat Yara was on?

    14. Aren't Varys, Tyrion, and Ser Davos's heads cold?

    15. What are Jon and Dany doing just awkwardly chit-chatting by the army's campsite?

    16. What, specifically, don't the dragons like about the north?

    17. Why did Daenerys think Jon could ride Rhaegal so easily? Certainly she knows only Targaryens can "ride" dragons...and she doesn't know he's a Targaryen yet???

    18. LOL, WHAT was Drogon thinking here though?

    19. Why would Sansa joke that Daenerys was "much prettier" than her father? Certainly she never saw the Mad King IRL???

    20. Why did Sam (and Bran) wait so long to tell Jon about who his real parents are?

    21. How exactly does Beric light his fire sword?

    22. How does Beric know that this symbol is a "message" from the Night King?

    23. How was Jaime able to get into Winterfell without being stopped by the guards?

    24. And finally, will Bran ever get to leave the courtyard?

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