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    Listen, You Need This $17 Fedora Because It's Trendy And Goes With Everything

    Under $20 for this hat?! I...guess I have to get one in every color now!

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    Hats are the easiest and best way to instantly upgrade an outfit. That's it, there will be no further discussion on the subject.

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    Holly, you look great. That hat is truly *chef-kisses-fingers.*

    So when I came across this adorable $17 fedora on Amazon, I had to do a damn double take when I saw the price. SEVENTEEN DOLLARS, are you kidding me??? This thing looks like it grew legs and walked out of a high-end boutique. /

    I.........can't even form sentences because I am so obsessed with how amazing this looks.

    Anyway, — now that I've gathered myself — I have to tell you that this hat comes in 14 colors that range from dark gray to hot pink, plus an adjustable strap on the inside! I know, it's the best news.

    And truly, the only reason I am so pumped about this hat is because of the reviews and reviewer photos (more to come on that!). It has 800 of them, plus a 4.1-star rating., Amazon

    "Seriously a great find! I've been looking for a hat for a long time for an upcoming trip. All the hats I've tried were either too floppy, too small for my face or just plain uncomfortable. The brim on this hat is a perfect size to keep the sun off your face and stays perfectly in place so it won't obstruct your vision. You can adjust the sizing using a ribbon hidden in the lining, making the fit perfect even for a windy day. Overall, this hat is very stylish and well-made. Thinking of buying another one in a different color (and I'm not a hat person, but this hat is smooth like that). This is the first review I've ever written, but just had to because I absolutely LOVE this hat!" —Jess

    The versatility of this number knows no bounds. Dress? Absolutely! Leather jacket? 1,000%!,

    "This is the best hat ever! I love it and I wear all the time. And like the other reviews I get compliments all the time. The hat is so cute and stylish and the best part affordable. It looks very expensive so thats a plus for me, because I like good quality for a reasonable price. I can’t say enough great things about this hat. I plan on getting another in another color as well. This hat works for all seasons and with any outfit. The hat does run a little big but not too much. But that’s ok with me because I don’t like tight hats. I would highly recommend this hat to anyone who appreciates fashion and who wants to look hot!" —Michelle Victoria Recchia

    I think this hat has powers because all of a sudden I want to grow my hair out really long and tie up my t-shirt!,

    "I love this hat so much! I was impressed that I was able to wear wigs with it (just not super thick ones.) It stretches out fairly easy, but the tie on the inside keeps it in place. I took off the hat band that kept falling off and put my own band around. The fabric looks expensive (I ordered black) and I received a lot of compliments when I wore it out." —logan demeny

    This is the nail in the coffin for me! I mean, this couple each has one?! I can't.

    I'M DEAD, it's so perfect! 😭

    ~Hats off~ to all the incredible review pics. Because of them, I now have to buy this fedora in all 14 colors.


    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Get it from Amazon for $16.95 (available in 14 colors).

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