21 Worst Gifts Ever Received From A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

    "He gave me treats for my guinea pig. Nothing for me."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the worst gift they've ever received from someone they were dating. Here are their devastating responses:

    1. This...one-of-a-kind painting.

    2. "A rock he picked up on the walk to meet me. Not even a cute one. Just a regular rock."


    3. "My now-ex-husband gave me a set of 'open everything' scissors and a personal hair remover. For Christmas."


    4. "He gave me a cheap, tacky necklace he stole from his mother. I know because I'd seen it in her house before."

    5. "Two months after having a C-section, my ex got me a toner belt. You know, the ones that wrap around your stomach and make your muscles contract. He excitedly handed it over CHRISTMAS DAY and couldn't understand why I was crying."


    6. "A lighter...for Christmas. I don’t smoke."


    7. "My boyfriend got me a leather gimp mask/hood that literally covered the entirety of the face. I had never expressed an interest in trying something like that. I opened it before shooting out for work at 7 a.m. I was so confused!"

    8. "A snowglobe."


    9. "For Valentine’s Day, I had a boyfriend give me a dying rose and a bottle of cheap lube so I could give him a hand job."


    10. "One Christmas, the guy I had been dating for about 2.5 years got me a pair of Christmas crew socks (the kind they sell near the cash register at Duane Reade)."


    11. "For Valentine’s Day, he gave me treats for my guinea pig. Nothing for me."

    12. "A condom. SMH... Needless to say we didn't see each other after that."


    13. "A macaroni necklace that he made. He had asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said 'anything but a macaroni necklace is good for me.'”


    14. "For Christmas one year, my oh-so-loving husband gifted me a package of animal butt magnets. Eight magnets, just the backside?"

    15. "My boyfriend in 10th grade gave me a 10-pound bag of rice for Valentine's Day. He gave it to me early in the day and was like, 'I was kind of tired of carrying it around.' I donated it to the local food bank and we broke up soon after."


    16. "For our two-year anniversary my ex-boyfriend gave me a $4 car air freshener."


    17. "A breakup text."


    18. "The first season of King of the Hill on DVD. I’m not sure why. We never talked about King of the Hill and I didn’t own a DVD player..."

    19. "After confessing to me that he'd been talking to another girl, my ex gave me a bag of peppermints that had been in his truck all day and were melted together."


    20. "My boyfriend gave me a feather duster for Christmas one year... That shit went straight in the bin and so did he."



    21. "My high school boyfriend gave me his dead dog’s old stuffed animal for my 15th birthday. And he INSISTED that he bought it at Target, even though it had chew marks on it and its left eye was missing. We broke up shortly after."

    Some submissions have been edited for length and clarity.