Rusty Shackleford Agrees These 25 Incredible "King Of The Hill" Moments Still Hold Their Own 25 Years Later

    It's been 25 years since we dropped into the Hill's home and saw how they do it in Arlen, Texas.

    It's hard to believe it's been 25 years since we were first introduced to the Hill family of Arlen, Texas.

    Then we meet Hank's other family, the guys from the alley.

    The show ended back in 2010, but thanks to streaming and memeing, it's only gotten more popular.

    1. "That's my purse — I don't know you!"

    2. Hank accidentally smoking weed.

    3. "I'm a little worried about being a slut."

    4. "I'm a proud, ignorant woman."

    Luanne Platter saying "I am a proud, ignorant woman"

    5. Dale throws his pocket sand.

    6. Bobby's got gout.

    Bobby Hill on a scooter saying "I've got gout"

    7. "Can't you see I'm knitting?"

    8. When Peggy thought Dale and Nancy wanted to be swingers.

    Peggy saying "Swing? You get Nancy and I get Dale? Who's the clear winner there? Dale" to a befuddled Hank

    9. Peggy and Dale's joint business venture.

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    Peggy takes over a struggling bookstore and lets Dale sell firearms. They come up with a creative solution when cops get wise to their scheme.

    10. Bobby introduces the Propaniacs.

    11. Bobby gets into modeling.

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    Bobby's first foray into a husky store results in a modeling gig.

    12. John Redcorn gets real about Thankgiving.

    13. Hank discovers Bobby's a great shot.

    Bobby Hill asking Hank Hill for a gun rack on his bike and Hank replying "do you know how long i've been waiting for you to ask me that?"

    14. Dale compliments Bobby's shooting while SWAT is targeting him.

    Dale gets surrounded by SWAT after Bill calls the police, mistaking his exterminator equipment for a gun. When he thinks officers are going to shoot, he advises them to let Bobby do it.

    15. Hank is introduced to vidya games.

    Hank Hill playing video games

    16. Peggy, Nancy, and Dale steal a news van.

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    When Nancy is fired for a younger but less effective meteorologist, Nancy and Dale try to help her scoop a story to save her career. The whole episode is great, but this classic Dale-ism can't go without mention.

    17. Hank Hill was born prepared for this moment.

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    In a classic Hank Hill moment, Hank needs a little WD-40 to grease open his big WD-40.

    18. Hank teaches Bobby how to grill steaks.

    This slick Hank Hill burn is one of the best and most on-point character moments in the series. 

    19. Hank introduces baby Bobby to steak.

    Hank shows baby Bobby a steak and says "one day you'll get to eat this"

    20. Bobby dances for Cotton.

    21. Bobby shares his prayer with the family.

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    Hank is happy to see Bobby get involved in a Bible study group, but less so when he realizes it's full of Christian skate punks. Bobby's new crowd clearly has an influence, as told by this prayer.

    22. Bobby tries ADHD medication

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    Bobby gets carried away with sugar at breakfast time and ends up getting in trouble for being hyper at school. After a visit to the school nurse, he is misdiagnosed with ADHD and given medication that throws him and everyone else for a loop.

    23. Meeting Dale's dad at the rodeo.

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    Dale's dad is ready to come out to him, but Dale isn't exactly clear on what he's coming out as.

    24. The Hills meet the extended Dauterive family in New Orleans.

    Gilbert Dauterive saying "my lord, this muggy November weather gives me the horribles"

    25. Peggy's foot modeling goes wrong.

    I'd love to hear your favorite King of the Hill moments I missed, so sound off in the comments!