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    17 Tumblr Posts For People With A Random Sense Of Humor

    There's no theme here. The theme is you laughing your butt off.

    1. This spellcheck:

    2. This post, which gets funnier when you read the username:

    3. This matter of semantics:

    4. This realization:

    5. This truly incredible confession:

    6. This post, which hits you hard when you recognize the reference:

    7. This perfect use of lyrics:

    8. This new psalm:

    9. This pun that should have never existed:

    10. This lyrical mix-up:

    11. This AI that ~almost~ got it:

    12. This truth about dogs:

    13. This helpful guide:

    14. This painfully real post for service and retail employees:

    15. This thing that probably happened just like this:

    16. This mental image:

    17. And finally, this long but worth-it post:

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