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May 5, 2016

How One Indigenous Reserve Is Coping With Canada's Suicide Crisis

In recent months, hundreds of Canadian Indigenous people have tried to kill themselves, with 11 people attempting suicide in a single night in April. As the crisis intensifies across the country, the residents of one Cree reserve try to make sense of it while tracing the decades of injustices that led them here.

8 States That Used To Be México

Today, they form what we call the "American Southwest". But at one point they were, in part or in whole, members of the Mexican Republic. Makes it kind of funny to think about the immigration issue when you realize how large a chunk of the US literally used to be Mexico.

What's Going On Around The World Today?

The UK is voting today with a race for London Mayor, a fight for the Scottish parliament, and council elections across England. North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law violates U.S. civil rights, the Justice Department says. And Facebook paid a 10-year-old Finnish boy $10,000 for revealing a security flaw on Instagram.

How Square Are You?

No one likes squares, but does that stop you from being one?

The Hunt For Poland's Buried Nazi Gold Trains

Last summer, explorers in Poland claimed to have discovered tunnels built for trains carrying plundered Nazi gold, only to be debunked a few months later. But for the true believers who've been hunting for this treasure for decades, this merely proved what they've thought all along: Inside these mountains are secrets and stories that some would rather stay buried.

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